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This Shiba And Cat Traveling Duo Will Ignite Wanderlust And Most Definitely Explode Your Heart

When a cat-like dog meets a dog-like cat...magic happens.

The duo is concerned with two things: looking good and traveling.

Here are they at the race track, looking fly.

Now looking the other way.

Before they leave on any adventure, they make sure to give each other a kiss.

They are basically the power couple of the animal kingdom.

Here they are at the beach!

Here they are hanging out in some gravel.

And look! They even know how make some sweet paper hats.

Obviously, the shibe was the one who figured it out first.

Sometimes the shibe snoozes in the shade as the cat stands guard.

Sometimes the shibe naps with a human and...the cat stands guard.

How could you not stand guard for this adorable fellow?

Even when they're apart, they have a connection.

Basically, this shiba and cat were destined to be best friends.

Thanks for the reminder that friendship/travel buddies/soul mates exist in all forms, guys!

There is an entire blog dedicated to this duo and it is magical.