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Posted on Jun 9, 2016

This Pit Bull Adorably Tip Toed And The Internet Went Nuts

RIP me.

This video of a pit bull named Redd has been going viral the past few days.

Facebook: video.php

Redd didn't want to wake his foster sibling (aka the cat behind the door) so he did the cutest little pitter pat in the world.

According to PoundHoundResQ, the shelter that posted the video, the gentle sweetie was taken off a kill list and is still waiting on a forever home.


Way to tip-toe into our hearts, Redd!

You can check out Redd's adoption page here

And if you're not near Redd to adopt him but are still interested in getting a pup of your own, you can always check out your local shelter or even PetFinder!

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