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21 Groundbreaking Animal Achievements Of 2015

Time to get the year-end trophies out.

1. When this cat came that much closer to the summer Olympics.

2. When this gorilla made the whole world desperately need a tall glass of water.

3. When this raccoon earned the respect of a nation.

4. When this pigeon daringly updated the infinity scarf.

5. When this dude successfully freaked out some hard-core Bostonians.

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6. When this golden prevented World War III.

7. When this pup totally shattered the art world's definition of art and beauty.

8. When this alpaca successfully broke into the wedding industry.

9. When Shiba-san finally retired after years of dutiful services.

10. When these ducklings successfully planned their best day ever.

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11. When this crab didn't give AF.

12. When this pup revolutionized Poodle Glam.

13. When this Eagle said what we were all thinking.

14. When this cutie got away with murder.

15. When this corgi got serious about his life.

16. When Ms. Miller got her first teaching job.

17. When this golden took a risk with her hair color and wowed everyone.

18. When this corgi negotiated her way into a free Hawaiian vacation.

19. When this kitten finally found the perfect sunspot.

20. When this ham-faced dog tricked everyone into thinking he as hurt.

21. And finally, when this cutie bravely raised the bar for cuteness everywhere.

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