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The 42 Most Awkward Dogs Of 2014

There's absolutely nothing like our awkward best friends.

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1. This dog who got caught stealing money for pizza.

2. This dog who got smacked in the face with awkward.

3. This dog who has no idea what to do in this situation.

4. This dog who ate some bees right before school picture day.

5. This dog burrito.

6. This dog who just wanted to play in peace.

7. These weird siblings.

8. This dog in his new, cruelty-free fur coat.

9. This whole family.

10. This dog who had a little trouble with cushions.

11. This dog trying (and failing) to seduce.

12. This dog who took a few wrong turns on his way to the spa.

13. Rosie the Pig all day every day.

14. This dog who just wanted to impress the ladiez with his sweet DVD collection.

15. This Snoopy impersonator.

16. This dog who insisted on sitting like a human.

17. This dog who got caught kissing.

18. This perfectly timed selfie.

19. This guy who just wants to talk, OK?

20. This dog who got caught during ~alone~ time.

21. This pug who ran smack into a camera.

22. This reindeer.

23. This guy who fell in love with a Dorito.

24. Weezer, the pug, who tried to get a Harry Styles cut.

25. This dog who woke up like this and is totally cool with it.

26. This dog at Thanksgiving dinner.

27. This selfie-taker, excited for the holidays.

28. This dog who did NOT want to be set up, MOM!


" thank you."

29. This smiler.

30. This dog who discovered yogurt this year and really, really liked it.

31. This girl who fell asleep first at all sleepovers...

32. ...and this Shiba who fell asleep at a bar.

33. This can of root beer.

34. This dog who just wanted to surprise his best friend.

35. This Shiba who was trying to listen sincerely but instead looked like this.

36. This dog who did not accomplish his 2014 resolution to figure out how glass worked.

37. This dog who leapt and the couch appeared.

38. This coy little puppy bowler.

Chelsea Marshall / BuzzFeed
Chelsea Marshall / BuzzFeed

39. This dog who couldn't quite dog.

40. This babysitter who thought he was supposed to sit on the baby.

41. Charlie, who lost every game of hide-and-seek this year.

42. And finally, this knight and his noble steed.

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