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    The Cast Of "Girls" And Their Animal Doppelgangers

    We know you're having major "Girls" withdrawal, even just knowing that it won't be back on this Sunday. To help, here's a list of the main characters of "Girls" and their animal doppelgangers. Let the award show begin!

    The "Hannah" Award Goes to...

    The Hamster

    Big brown eyes and loves cupcakes. Also, hamsters exhibit extreme OCD behavior when they're on their wheels.

    The "Adam"...

    The Monkey

    Cute but volatile

    The "Marnie" Goes to...

    The Standard Poodle

    Beautiful, smart, uptight and attracted to Labradors (see Charlie's doppleganger below).

    Exhibit B for Marni as the Standard Poodle

    View this video on YouTube

    Loves to do covers of songs when she's depressed.

    The "Charlie"...

    The Labrador

    Loyal to a fault, he just wants to make sweet sweet labradoodles with Marnie the poodle.

    The "Shoshana"...

    The Lovable and High Maintenance Shih-Tzu

    Killer/Crazy hairstyles, this shih-tzu would definitely claim "I may be deflowered but I'm not devalued"

    As for the "Ray" Award...

    The Snapper Turtle

    Judgmental, he does not usually come out of his shell. Only for certain, lovably shih-tzu's bound to break his ambition-less heart.

    And Finally, the "Jessa" Award Goes to...

    The Lisa Frank Dolphin

    Free-spirited, sometimes Jessa's existence seems unreal but always colorful**

    **Also, not to ruin your favorite childhood brand but these dolphins totally look like they're having an orgy and Jessa would totally be down for that.