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The 27 Most Adorable Baby And Dog Friendships Of 2013

BRB gonna go explode now.

27. These two who were caught telling secrets.

26. These two watch dogs.

25. Oh and these two who made our hearts melt with some kisses.

24. Ah the kisses!!


23. Best friends make for the best pillow fellows.

22. The adventurers.

21. Forehead kisses are the cutest!!

20. As are hugs before naptime!

19. So many hugs.

18. The princess and her protector.

17. The ol' switcharoo.

16. These Sunday mornin' stretchers.

15. These two goofs.

14. These picnic pals.

13. Oh yes, more kisses!!

12. Fact: Matching feets makes for better sleeps.

11. These silly Hallowinners.

10. These two who bonded over their wanderlust.


8. This pup who upheld his BFF's "No paparazzi" rule.

7. These supportive best friends.

6. This naptime duo wowed instagram and the world.

5. These two pals that know the friends who eyebrow together, stay together.

4. OMG and this series shared by Redditor Bleed-Black of the progression of an adorable friendship.

3. These crawlin' buddies.

2. This inseparable duo

1. And of course, the most adorable nap to have ever happened in the history of the world.