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    Posted on Jul 25, 2016

    16 Stock Photos That Will Make You Say "Me"

    Honestly never felt more understood.

    1. When you get home after successfully holding in your fart during your date.

    Nomadsoul1 / Getty Images

    2. When you say that you're proficient in Excel on your resumé.

    Burocx / Getty Images

    3. When you're overdressed for a party but decide you don't GAF.

    Nomadsoul1 / Getty Images

    4. When you're so addicted to technology, you can't stop even on vacation.

    Anyaberkut / Getty Images

    5. When you open Twitter and decide nope, not today.

    Michael Blann / Getty Images

    6. When you want to send your ex that text and your friends stop you.

    Wavebreakmedia / Getty Images

    7. When you hear your roommate in the kitchen and you know they're stealing your food again.

    Creatas / Getty Images

    8. When you're enjoying an apple and some kid you don't know shows up in your kitchen.

    Top Photo Corporation / Getty Images

    9. When your mom joins Snapchat.

    Nomadsoul1 / Getty Images

    10. When sand gets stuck in your ears but you're having such a good time.

    Fogstock / Getty Images

    11. When you realize no one's listening to your fire story.

    Anetlanda / Getty Images

    12. When your boss gives you ANOTHER thing to do when you're already swamped.

    Creatas / Getty Images

    13. When you think back on your life and realize how much time you've spent on the small things.

    Xixinxing / Getty Images

    14. When ANOTHER food article comes out saying this food or that food is bad for you now.

    George Doyle / Getty Images


    15. When you get through another week.

    Mike Watson Images / Getty Images

    16. And when you take such a perfect shit that you can't stop thinking about it all day.

    Eyecandy Images / Getty Images

    "So perfect."

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