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21 Cats Who Bring Petty To A New Level

Cats: the original petty queens.

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1. This cat who wanted to make sure you saw this pettiness.

2. This lady who wants you to know what it's like to run out of toilet paper after a dump.

3. This guy who will not get out of the way until he is apologized to.

4. This cat blocking traffic after an unwarranted honk.

5. This princess who doesn't care if it's Christmas, she will not pretend what her friend did was okay.*

*Her friend just made a joke at her expense.

*Her friend just made a joke at her expense.

6. This lady who wore white to her ex's wedding.

7. This cat who has more than enough food, he just doesn't like his sister's attitude.

8. This cat who concocted an elaborate ruse to get his friend to here to push her down the stairs. All because she wouldn't share her fries earlier.

9. These kittens proving dominance after the dog ~accidentally~ ate her favorite toy.

10. This cat who is sick and tired of her human's boyfriend keeping his stuff at their place.

11. And this cat refusing to help out in any way just 'cause.

12. This cat who refused to have her musical tastes belittled by an emo-rocker.

13. This cat who was too lazy to walk across the room to be petty but somehow, found a way.

14. This cat proving a point after you said she's "materialistic" and has "too much stuff".

15. This cat who was fed up with that pup taking her spot every day.

16. This cat who does not want to have to repeat: he does not like this brand of food and will not stand for it any longer.

17. This kitten who will not be subjected to the silent treatment.

18. This cat who tried to hide from her own pettiness but could not resist.

19. This cat who got annoyed with his human so he's letting her think he ran away.

20. This master petty and runner.

21. And, of course, whoever did this.

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