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    15 Reasons We Miss Limes

    A tribute.

    So, we all know by now that we are in the midst of the "Great Lime Shortage"...

    Are we supposed to just ACCEPT lemons into our taco routine?


    Even the ones we DO have, have been made inaccessible...

    It goes to show you, you don't know what you have until it's gone.

    So here's a tribute to our dear friend, LIME. Grab the tissues and press play.

    1. Let's remember the good times...


    2. ...when things were playful...

    3. ...when they were fruitful...

    4. ...when we thought our limes would never leave our sides.

    5. Let's just remember how limes brought us together.

    6. Among all the fruits, we could count on them to liven up the rest.

    7. Daily, they were our protectors of our heads...

    8. ...and of our stomachs.

    9. Oh, how you got us good, limes.

    10. REAL good.

    11. You always made our lives better.

    JGI/Jamie Grill/JGI/Jamie Grill

    12. And more beautiful.


    13. We will cherish our time with you forever.

    Landscape, animals and conceptual photography/Landscape, animals and conceptual photography

    14. Now, we bid you adieu...

    Lime played by Winter Melon.

    15. Until we meet again...

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