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27 Reasons Shibas Are The Best Dogs Ever

Part bear? Part fox? All love? SHIBA, PLEASE.

1. Shibas start out looking like bear cubs.

2. And start to look like foxes when they grow up.

3. But don't be fooled: Shibas are 100% unique and 100% chill.

4. I mean, look at that face.

5. They come in three adorable colors.

6. The tricolored ones look like mini huskies, so they'll look like puppies FOREVER.

7. They own their chub awkward phase.

8. Shibas are well-read.

9. They know just what to get for a party.

10. They're the best DJs around.

11. They're always ready for any adventure.

12. Shibas are usually too proud to beg but will if they HAVE to...

13. The men aren't afraid to wear floral.

14. And they sure know how to rock a bow tie.

15. Shibas will readily make fun of you, but it's always in good fun.

16. They're good sports.

17. They're sassy.

18. They know how to have a good time.

19. But don't forget the Shiba's quiet, contemplative side.

20. Their coy and quiet nature often gets them compared to cats.

21. But just like other dogs, they're always ready to play.

22. Best of both worlds? Yes, please!

23. They demand to ride in style.

24. And are masters of taking a load off.

25. They are creative with their aspirations.

26. Shibas often rock grandma-chic.

27. Lastly, remember this guy? Total Shiba bliss.

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