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19 Pups Who Know How A Snow Day Is Done

Talk about making a snow into a snow cone.

1. This one who knows what's up.

2. This fluffy champion in the fluffy snow.

3. Even the derpiest know how to do it.

4. This cutie experiencing it for the first time, making us all wish we could be this happy again.

5. This guy who's thankful for his built-in winter coat.

6. These snuggling sweethearts, keeping their love alive after all these years.

7. This shibe who remains mischievous even in the cold.

8. This guy who used the snow day to get new shoes.

9. This pup who knows the value of a surprise AND a good romp in the snow.

Seriously, if you you didn't just gasp at that, you should probably get your heart checked.

10. This gal who saw the snow and decided it was time for her fashion moment.

11. This Olympic Skier.

12. This jerk who will enjoy his time in the snow, no matter the cost.

13. This guy who is so excited he can barely contain it.

14. This little one who's motto is "in order to defeat the snow, one must become the snow."

15. OMG and this fluff of joy. I can't, I just can't.

16. This epic gymnast, taking her skills to the streets.

17. This husky who has finally found his true calling.

18. This joyous masterpiece.

19. And finally, these champions of winter, snow and, let's be real here, life.