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12 Pugs Who Got Cut From The Nutcracker

Would pay all the money to see a pug ballet, TBQH.

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1. "The call back sheet doesn't have my name..."

2. "...but look at my form! I was robbed I tell you!"

4. "I already had the outfit and everything!"

Note: While this is not a pug, she has big ol' ~pug dreams~.

5. "Did I put my tutu on wrong or something?"

6. "Eh, I'd rather just sit on this comfy carpet anyways."

7. "My mom says I'm a sugar plum so I just don't understand why I couldn't be the Sugar Plum Fairy!"

8. "Did I go a little too far out?"

12. "I didn't get cast as Clara but I'm still pretty cute so whatevs."