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14 Perfect Situations For Hillary Clinton's Badass "No"

Oprah said "No" was a complete sentence and Hillary listened. Isn't it time you did too?

1. When he wants to "Netflix and chill" and he doesn't even have Netflix.

2. When someone asks you to go out on a Friday night but you have big plans with your couch.

3. When someone on the street asks you if you have a moment for _____.

4. When someone asks you to pick them up from the airport during rush hour.

5. When you see an engagement announcement on FB.

6. Or when they post a picture of their baby.

7. When someone wants to bring up old beef.

8. When you get a reminder on your student loan payments.

9. When someone asks to look at the picture on your phone and keeps scrolling.

10. When your relatives ask when you're going to settle down.

11. Or when your ex texts you "heyy" at 1 a.m.

12. When you see that FB invite to your friend's FB show.

13. More importantly, when they've asked if you've seen it.

14. And finally, when you look at your bank statement after a particularly long weekend.