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    Meet Alo, The Griffon Pup Out To Steal Your Heart

    The coolest dog on instagram has a new brother! Meet baby Alo before the two Griffons take over the world.

    1. Introducing Alo:

    2. Little bro of famed Digby Van Winkle:

    3. As you can see, Alo has some big shoes to fill...

    4. He was found in a box and Digby was skeptical, as most older siblings are...

    5. After all, like all little siblings, Alo is excellent at annoying his big bro.

    6. But Digby slowly learned to tolerate him.

    7. And now trains Alo in cuteness every day.

    8. We all know that Alo has got that one under control though.

    9. That face!

    10. That yawn!

    11. He takes style tips from his big bro...

    12. Sometimes they go the matching route.

    13. But he clearly brings his own essence to it.

    14. Whether in his snuggly bear suit...

    15. Or a knit sweater...

    16. or knit tanktop...

    17. Even a knit turtleneck...

    18. One thing's for sure: whatever he wears, he owns it.

    19. He's got beauty but make no mistake: he has the brains to complete the package.

    20. Alo loves his big bro but doesn't want you to forget he's his own doggy.

    21. Unlike Digby, he prefers to create art behind the camera.

    22. Even though he has a face clearly made for the camera.

    23. I mean, look at him in these cups.

    24. Not everyone can pull this one off.

    25. And this scale: I dare you to find someone else who made a scale look this good.

    26. Keep it up, Alo!

    27. Can we just rewind for a second and take a look at the adorable that is this duo?

    28. I mean, look at the fun they have together.

    29. With the new addition to the Van Winkle family, we can see nothing but Greatness in their future.