Introducing Digby Van Winkle, Instagram’s Coolest Dog

Instagram is full of “cool” dogs, but none compare to this Griffon.

1. He’s a fly dresser.

ID: 1030774

2. He’s artistic.

ID: 1030772

3. He has his PhD in Geography but he doesn’t like to brag about it.

ID: 1030775

4. He doesn’t take any crap from anyone, big or small.

ID: 1030776

5. He’s been to prison but it’s water under the bridge.

ID: 1030777

6. He has a solid sense of humor.

ID: 1030778

7. He’s respected in the rap music scene.

ID: 1030779

8. But he stays true to his Rock ‘N’ Roll roots.

ID: 1030780

9. He rides a motorcycle.

ID: 1030781

10. Rumors indicate that he started the whole “breading” trend.

ID: 1030783

11. Chambray? He basically invented that trend too.

ID: 1030787

12. He dates older women.

ID: 1030782

13. Did I mention he’s an accomplished artist?

ID: 1030786

14. He’s an interspecies ambassador.

ID: 1030785

15. Perhaps most impressively? He passed his driver’s ed test on the first try.

ID: 1030788

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