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22 Photos That Prove Elephants Make The World A Better Place

Between poaching and their treatment at circuses, elephants are up against a lot. Here's a small reminder how special these endangered animals are.

1. This splish-splasher.

2. This cutie who just wants you to have a fantastic day!

3. This story of Shirley and Jenny reuniting at last:

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4. This guy who's waving his trunk in the air like he just doesn't care.

5. This timid cutie.

6. This little one who just wants to share.

7. This little fuzzball.

8. This little guy who just wants you to play in the snow with him.

9. This mother and daughter.

10. This guy in his new (dirt) face paint.

11. This snuggle bunny.

12. These mud wrestlers.

13. This gal pullin' a "Clint Eastwood Talking to a Chair" routine.

14. This orphaned elephant named Moses getting acquainted with his new dog brothers.

15. This grown-up elephant and his best friend.

16. These love bugs.

17. And this professional booper.

18. This eager elephant who just wants to say hi so badly.

19. This playful muddy-pants.

20. This one who's really everyone's best friend.

21. Basically, the world would be 100% less special without these guys.

22. There are obviously thousands of more reasons too. Check out more information here and here.

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