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How Much Of A Sloth Are You?

"Just gotta take a nap right now."

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    Sara Rubin
    You are often very sleepy.
    You are sleepy right now.
    You may have just fallen asleep.
    You are boggled by people who run.
    You are annoyed by the bustle of a big city.
    But you would never act annoyed because it takes up too much energy?
    You're the kind of person who "stops and smells the roses"
    You are often constipated.
    But you don't worry about it too much.
    You love taking it easy.
    You are thoughtful and deliberate in your actions.
    You bring joy to the world.
    Everyone is better off having met you.
    You are comfortable in your own skin.
    You love tender shoots.
    You think "Tender Shoots" would be a good band name.
    You love Jack Johnson.
    You prefer slow jams.
    You refer to all your music as "jams".
    You give GREAT hugs.
    You don't want to give hugs all the time.
    You make cute chirping noises when you're happy.
    Your ideal day is staying in bed watching Netflix.
    You're most attracted to someone when they bring you some food and want to hang in sweatpants.
    You're a great listener.
    Even if you often fall asleep while listening.
    You're frustrated by your slow metabolism.
    You don't want to do anything about your slow metabolism though.
    You spend a good portion of your day day-dreaming.
    A crazy night out is walking over to eat at a friend's place.
    You've been accused of "resting cute face"
    You're already done checking this list off.
    You believe naps are underrated.
    You are everyone's best friend.
    You value "me time".
    People accuse you of being high but you're not: you just really enjoy life.
    You often say things profound and inspiring.
    You like to take time to appreciate the smallest quirks of life.
    You are accused of being lazy on the regular.
    You wonder if you're lazy but no, you are deliberate.
    You do not feel obligated to hang out with those you do not wish to.
    You are REALLY trying not to fall asleep.
    You are the effing best.

How Much Of A Sloth Are You?

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You are getting to your full-sloth potential. A little more appreciation of the small things in life will put you over the edge into prime slothiness.
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YOU ARE A SLOTH! Congratulations! This is the greatest honor of the animal kingdom! Proud of you!

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