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    6 Simple AF Tips To Make You Look Like A Radiant Angel Baby

    Wow, so shiny, so beautiful, so strobey.

    Strobing, like contouring, isn't new. It's basically highlights on your face to look dewy and radiant AF. As fans of the ~lewk~, we wanted to learn how to do it ourselves.

    So, we called in the professionals at Birchbox to give us some tips to get our ~strobe~ on. Here are some of the major keys we learned from our wonderful makeup artist Adriana Misoul.

    1. First things first: What's so cool about this? Well, highlighter is a great tool to create that "spotlight" effect on your face.

    2. To simplify the whole thing, Adriana recommended making a "superhero" mask to guide your highlight.

    3. If you've applied all of your highlighter and you want a little bit more definition, you can create a hint of a shadow using a bronzer color in the hollows of your cheekbone.

    4. When you're strobing your face, you can also use a shimmery, bolder color on your eyes to make them pop.

    5. Highlighter can draw attention to the features that you want to, you know, highlight.

    6. You can use a metallic cream eyeshadow stick on the waterline to give your eyes that extra shimmer.

    Here are the before and after shots so you can really see the difference: