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24 Dogs Who Understand The Struggle

It's hard out there.

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1. When you're having the best nap of your life and someone tells you it's time to wake up:

2. When you try and impress your crush but fail miserably:

3. When you're the first one to fall asleep at the sleepover:

4. When you're kissin' your babe and she falls asleep.

5. When you wake up on Monday and realize you got no rest this weekend.

6. When you get the perfect snack before you favorite show comes on and get a little too excited.

7. When you're drunk and know you should eat some bread before going to sleep.

8. When you know you look fly af in your new bathing suit and totally wipe out.

9. When you just want to sit on the comfiest thing in the house.

10. When you want to try out for the football team but just become the football instead:

11. When your butt's so cute, you think you can do anything and then find out you're wrong.

12. When you drop your credit card in a toilet and get more than you asked for.

13. When you're trying you hardest to stay awake in a meeting:

14. When you won the big game and everyone is trying to get in your way.

15. When your friends are driving behind you and you just want to wave hello:

16. When you learn the hard way you can't run with the big boys:

17. When your mom makes your favorite meal and you get too excited:

18. When you're trying to get your crush's attention and fail so hard.

19. When you're at a party and struggling to stay awake.

20. When you just want to be like Sam from "Clarissa Explains It All" but life won't let you.

21. When you're chilling with bae and something attacks your butt.

22. When your one task for the picnic is to get the folding chairs ready:

23. When you get paid and then have to pay rent right away:

24. And finally, stairs. Stairs are all damn day:

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