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28 Adorably Awkward Puppies

Only thing better than a puppy is an awkward puppy.

1. This little guy who got stuck and just has to sit here thinking about his decisions.

2. This puppy who is very concerned with his tongue situation.

3. This puppy who isn't even napping — he's just stuck.

4. This one who just wants to lick his window in peace.

5. This guy trying to hold in a sneeze.

6. And this one who didn't realize it would be this difficult to go and enjoy the outdoors.

7. These two who give each other a run for their awkward money.

8. This one who's trying extremely hard to be casual about being stuck in this bin.

9. And this one who won't make the team — but that's OK, there's always theater.

10. This one who got a little too excited to see you...

11. ...and this one who clearly just farted but wants no one to know.

12. This charmer who has a ~very sophisticated~ pallet.

13. This bowl o' fluff.

14. And this gal who made her first huge mistake.

15. This dude who hasn't quite figured out his doghouse.

16. This awkward burglar.

17. This little dude who couldn't have found a weirder place to fall asleep.

18. This gentleman who can never pass up putting his head through mysterious walls.

19. This one who has an early aversion to cleaning.

20. And this guy whose brothers told him there was a "treasure" in the toilet and he fell for it AGAIN.

21. This teen who just doesn't want to talk about it, OK?

22. This adorable doofus who fell but recovered quickly.

23. This princess who got a little too into her food.

I mean, we've all been there, right?

24. This cutie whose paws and ears and whole ~lewk~ are so awkwardly adorable it HURTS.

25. And this one who just can't stay awake at the party.

26. This guy who doesn't know where everyone went.

27. This party animal ready to get this game started.

28. And finally, this guy with a sly lil' smile who doesn't care if he's awkward because he knows...

Chelsea Marshall for BuzzFeed

...he's cute as hell.

Chelsea Marshall for BuzzFeed

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