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27 Animals Who Don't Give A F**k

They're adorable animals, what did you ever do?

1. New baby sibling? Whatever.

2. Not even stairs can make this guy give a crap.

3. No one showed up to their party and literally zero fucks were given.

4. Nope, doesn't care you tried your hardest on this science project. It's still bad.

5. Yeah, cool, you had a baby, like this gal cares.

6. She doesn't even CARE there is company over, she didn't invite them.

7. This empty cup? Don't even care.

8. Neither of these animals care you think their relationship is weird.

9. And he invented the phrase "haters gonna hate".

10. Oh, you wanted to park your car under here? That's so cute.

11. Yes, he's been doing this all day and no he does not care.

12. Do you think this puppy cared this picture was being taken? No, not at all.

13. And Christmas time? Whatever.

14. She knows this train is going no where. Does she care? No, Cheryl, she's enjoying the ride.

15. If you could please stop telling this pug about your dreams, maybe he'd care a little bit more.

16. Walkin'? Eh.


18. Her face ran into the pup's tongue so, whatever. This is how it will be forever.

19. Cute you think this rooster gave a flip about your flips.

20. Oh, you wanted to have a nice day on the water? He doesn't give a shit.

21. And this little guy who just doesn't really care if you're in his way.

22. My god, the lack of giving a shit on this couch is at an all time high.

23. Those goats didn't care about Cindy so she doesn't care about them.

Level of not giving a fuck: Hitchhiking.

24. He sees you want to talk right now, he just...can't deal with that right now.

25. LOL, baby, you think that dog was gonna wait forever? That he cared about your development? GOOD ONE.

26. Oh it's not nice to pee on your friend? Literally couldn't give less of a fuck.

27. Finally, the queen of not giving a fuck: the cat.