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31 Absurd Pictures Of Men With Their Pets

I love a man who loves animals but just...no.

1. These Purrrfect Solar Blankets

2. Pretty sure this is illegal in 40 states.

3. The necklace and the dog were just what he needed to get the kids at school to think he was tough.

4. Just a family and their totally normal, purebred cat.

5. Everything he finds important can be found in this single photograph.

6. It's OK, dog. We're just as upset as you are.

7. This party makes me incredibly sad and terrified at the same time. Screaming tears?

8. Fanny packs of any kind are not usually a good look, man.

9. You know he's dangerous, in that sensual kind of way.

10. Yes.

11. Seems a little unfair to do to mice.

12. No one deserves to live through eight more lifetimes of this.

13. This sexy tarantula owner.

14. I know your thought process: OMG not as creepy bc I know who he is! OH WAIT way creepier because I know who he is.

15. Fantastic Christmas card, Steven.

16. He doesn't know there's a cat on his neck, she had no idea she was riding a human.

17. They've both seen the future and it's terrifying.

18. Damian's just happy to have found a best friend. Jolene just wants to get back to her family.

19. After years, Steve finally allowed his wife to partake in the family photo.

20. He does this every November, and frankly, she's sick of it.

21. Just casually waitin' for love.

22. It's the black cat in the front's expression that sums up how I feel about this picture.

23. The family that cats together, stays together.

24. This is one prestigious pair.

25. Why is that huge cat being held like that? Why is the cat in the back not doing anything? Why is he wearing a towel in the living room? Where did they collect those snow globes from? So many questions...

26. Future cat, past cat, future past cat.

27. There was a lengthy discussion on whether or not to use lasers.

28. The cat refused any more keg stands so this was the compromise.

29. TBH, any man who can walk cats this productively is probably royalty.

30. I just...I don't know.

31. Dance partners for life.