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A Morning In The Life Of The Bronx Zoo Sloth

Woke up, it was a slothy morning.

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This is Calisto. She's the adorable, 12-years-young sloth of the Wildlife Conservation Society's Bronx Zoo.

Taylor Miller

Every morning, she inspects to see what changes occurred in her enclosure overnight.

Taylor Miller

This, of course, allows her to multitask with some exercise.

Taylor Miller

Sloths have a very slow metabolism so they don't exercise very often but they CAN move pretty fast if they want to.

~Scratch break~

Taylor Miller

Her keepers will put treats like grapes and leaves around her enclosure for her to find.

This helps keep her mind and body active as it would be in the wild!

Sloths do everything upside down, including giving birth, so crawling that way is no problem.

Taylor Miller

Callisto has her favorite spot and, after she's done inspecting, sits down in it.

Taylor Miller

She gives one last look-around before starting her very important work...

Taylor Miller


Taylor Miller

And it's a LONG work day: Sloths tend to sleep anywhere from 10-18 hours a day!

You can visit Callisto at the newly renovated Bronx Children's Zoo!

To find out more information about the Wildlife Conservation Society, you can check out their website here.

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