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    7 Animals Who Are Braver Than You

    After seeing these brave animals, you're going to want to step up your game. Your brave game.

    1. Whoever this elephant was

    Pour one out for this homie**

    **also, hope that no humans were seriously injured

    2. It's unclear if this turtle is brave or stupid so we're going with brave.

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    "Turtle Fear Factor" winner right here.

    3. This monkey is ready to serve his country

    What did you ever do??

    4. This dog laughs in the face of danger!


    5. Basically elephants are the best and know how to show who's boss

    She threw it on the groundd, her dad's not a phone

    6. This giraffe who knows how to put a bull in its place

    "And I was like, 'Oh heeell no'"

    7. And of course, this cross-species bravery

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    I don't care if it turns out if this was staged, that was a legitimately scared baby goat and that piglett came to its rescue. It will be forever prepared for those kinds of situations.