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31 Things People With Wanderlust Understand

Home is wherever your feet take you.

1. You have so many places on your "to go" list and it just keeps growing...

2. ...which makes picking a place to go VERY difficult.

3. You've made some questionable financial decisions in the name of travel but whatever, you know it's worth it.

I basically can't spend money until after thanksgiving so I can pay for this trip #wanderlustproblems #Imgoingtobesobroke

4. In fact, your "emergency fund" has just turned into an "emergency travel fund".

5. But whatever, you never have regrets.

6. Maps...excite you to say the least.

7. And you definitely have at least one in your house.

8. The "where you've been" pins on said map have already gotten a little out of control.

9. You are a master at the carry-on...

10. ...and overpacking is a relationship deal breaker for you.

11. Because you have airport security speediness down to a fine science.

12. And you have NO time for baggage claim.

13. Your Instagram is full of pictures like this...

14. ...and this...

15. ...and this.

16. Passport stamps are badges of honor for you.

17. So you get unreasonably sad if Customs ever doesn't stamp it.

18. You've been accused on more than one occasion of daydreaming...

19. Which is fair, because you immediately start planning your next trip when you get back from your last one.

20. Hell, you start doing it on the flight/train/boat home.

21. And you know exactly how many vacation days you have until your next adventure.

22. You can't remember the last time the clock on your phone had one location.

23. This is one of the most calming things in the world.

24. This is a very important distinction for you.

25. People think you're smiling about a flirty text but it's actually a price alert for one of the places you want to go.

26. Whenever you have a flight connection, you not-so-secretly wish the flight is delayed/cancelled/you miss it so you can go on an adventure in an unplanned place.

27. Travel blogs are basically your porn.

28. You LIVE for finding an off-the-beaten track place that no guides have told you about.

29. Because meeting all the new people is the best part.

30. Besides the food.

31. The best part about leaving your heart in different places?

Everywhere feels like home.

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