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    30 Cats In Easter Hats

    These cats are ready for Easter. Some creative, some traditional: all lookin good in their Easter hats. Do you think you can handle the cute??

    1. The Best.

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    2. The Belle of the Easter Ball

    3. Getting back to her Earthy roots, opting for a wreath instead of a conventional hat.

    4. Come to his barber shop after the egg hunt, he will sing you a tune

    5. Her mom was not happy with her take on Spring fresh

    6. Adorable in her hat and she knows it

    7. Cat in a hat in a basket. Happy Easter

    8. Disguise for the Easter egg hunt: check!

    9. Pissed cause you seem surprised at how good she looks in her hat

    10. Bunny ears? So passe.

    11. "Am I overdressed?"

    12. No chance he will share, he looks too good

    13. Up early for Easter service, not happy about it

    14. Nothing beats Easter Kitty and her shine

    15. Keeping it simple, keeping it fresh

    16. Found all the eggs, enjoying the spoils

    17. She is pissed he refused to wear a hat

    18. The hat is itchy, the cat is angry

    19. School picture day got real good

    20. Went the extra mile with a tail

    21. Glued the chick on himself

    22. He knows he looks good

    23. Sassy ears for a sassy cat

    24. Always posing

    25. Bunny for a day

    26. Easter is his favorite holiday!

    27. Except Grumpy Cat. No Easter spirit here.

    28. Goes to spa on Easter, still gets a festive hat together

    29. Ready to take on all the Easter-only Church Goers

    30. And one more time in gif form...because this deserves to be watched over and over