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21 Mutts Muggin'

The hottest instagram trend is called Mutt Muggin and it's quite simple: put your mutt in a mug. The results are adorable.

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1. Basically, it started when one visionary decided to take a picture like this:

(this is not the first but I mean...fluff in a bear cup. It's amazing.)

2. And the results make my heart giddy.

3. Like this Dane making this mug great.

4. Or this Shiba who picked a complimentary green.

6. And look at this guy bein' the extra foam. My heart!

7. And this not-so-minny-but-certainly-adorable lady.

8. Nothing wrong with mixing and matching different types of polka dots!

9. Oh and this little hair ball can join me for my morning coffee anytime.

10. Okay, so some of us are a little moody in the mornings but who isn't?

11. Sure, her instagram name suggests she may have farted in this cup but we won't tell anyone.

13. In order to catch the cow, one must become the cow...

14. This guy who got sucked into this illusion so much, he's actually afraid someone's going to drink him.

15. This pup doesn't adhere to trends so he's confused why his human is pushing this so hard on him.

16. Oh and this Seattle gal doesn't even like the smell of coffee but she's putting up with the antics.

17. This pup who kept muttering "I'm too old for this crap" underneath her breath.

18. This girl who wishes you would stop asking her to "say cheese".

19. And this little guy who sees his past and present all at once.

20. More dot-on-dot action.

21. Lastly, this guy who sums up why this has become such a cutie trend.

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