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    16 Super Crazy True Facts About Dolphins

    The more humans learn about dolphins, the cooler they become. Extremely smart, they have human-like skills that will surprise and shock all!

    1. They have refined palates.


    ...well, kind of. They can distinguish the difference between sweet, sour, bitter and salty. When we are able to translate their language, I expect "Dolphins, Dive-ins and Dives" will be a great hit!

    2. These teeth weren't made for chewing so that's not what they'll do.


    While they may have impeccable taste, they can't actually chew. Dolphins don't have the jaw strength to chew but instead use their teeth for grasping.

    3. They had a rep of "enchanting and seducing" ladies in the Amazon.


    It was just a myth but our next fact proves they have no problem seducing their own kind as well.

    4. They know how to treat the ladies.


    Dolphins, even more so than primates (the only other animal besides humans known to do this), gather weeds or sticks to present to their ladies. At first, scientists just believed they were being playful when they noticed that it was mostly adult male dolphins who were showing off with their sticks. That, and they mostly did it around females. The dolphins with the best bling? Way more likely to be Father's.

    5. "There's always room for one more" say all dolphins, everywhere.


    "Ménage à Trois"'s are kind of their thing.

    6. They are trained Navy


    "Officer Flipper, reporting for duty". Apparently, dolphins were trained and armed with hypodermic needles to protect the U.S. Navy base in Vietnam. Anyone swimming in the water was killed! This report has been denied by the Navy BUT there is still a U.S. Navy Marine Mammal program. Basically, the U.S. is training dolphins to kick ass and take names. Look to the next fact and you'll see that they actually do!

    7. They have names! No, really. They have names for each other.

    Recent research shows that dolphins can call out to each other specifically, by mimicking the distinct whistle of the dolphin they want. They do it to identify objects as well. This is the only animal who can do this outside of humans (at least that we know of...)

    8. They have midwives!

    When a dolphin gives birth, a dolphin "midwife" is there to help make sure the baby is delivered safely. The other dolphins in the community will circle the one giving birth to protect it from any intruders or eager Aunts with cameras.

    9. Pink Dolphins actually exist!


    Also called "Botos", they are technically "albino" dolphins, as evidenced by their red eyes. They are river dolphins, usually found in Brazil BUT they've been seen in the U.S. too, just North of the Gulf of Mexico.

    10. Don't let those smiles deceive you, they are bonafide shark killers!


    Dolphins use their noses to kill sharks. They'll even circle around the shark to maximize attack! So, if you encounter a shark, you better hope there's a dolphin around to save the day.

    11. Killer "Whales" are actually the largest dolphins!

    12. They're awesome synchronized surfers.


    Try and compete with that. Dolphins are some of the most playful animals around!

    13. They're carpenters!


    Well, they know how to use tools and it's awesome because they're among the few animals we know who can. Specifically, dolphins use broken off sea sponges to protect their noses while they forage! So smart.

    14. They don't breath automatically.

    Not so smart. Unlike humans, dolphins don't breathe automatically. That means they have to sleep where their blowholes can be on the surface. Also, they are only half a sleep when they do get that shut eye. Seems stressful, but dolphins are so cool, they get over it.

    15. They work with other animals to hunt food.


    Not specifically cows (unless we're talking about their babies). However, they are known for working with other animals, including whales and humans, to get all the fish they need. YAY TEAMWORK!

    16. And they're patriotic!

    Uncle Sam would be proud.