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    16 Baby Animals Want To Celebrate World Water Day With You!

    Today is World Water Day! Enjoy adorable baby animals celebrating the most important element of life!

    1. This Polar Bear Cub's been working on his water tricks for Water Day

    2. These fawns have water to thank for all their muddy fun

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    3. Waitin' to be filled up in time for the party

    4. Kitten just appreciatin' the magnificence

    5. Baby will say hello but will not get out. It's World Water Day. Respect.

    6. Mama hippo and baby hippo snugglin'

    7. To excited to even hold it in

    8. Baby sloth doesn't want to go in the water, but loves to enjoy the view

    9. This kitten doing to water what it does to everything it loves: making it his bitch

    10. Baby hippo's get a confidence boost from the water.

    11. Cygnets doing what they do, living in water and loving every minute of it.

    12. Baby turtle just feelin' the motion of the ocean

    13. Mini Pig, Normal Size Dog. Havin' a normal beach day. Appreciatin' the waters

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    14. Mama and cubs just having a relaxing day at the beach to celebrate

    15. Baby Rhino is so excited about water he doesn't know what to do with himself

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    16. This baby elephant has never been happier celebrating water!