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    Posted on Apr 16, 2013

    10 Magical Facts About The Cutest Larvae You've Ever Seen

    Meet the Axolotl, the cutest little larvae you will ever meet. Here are some crazy true facts about this endangered species that will make you want to hug/save them even more.

    1. The Axolotl is also referred to as the "Mexican Walking Fish".

    2. They are only found in Mexico City Lakes, Xochimilco and Chalco.

    Sadly, Chalco was drained to prevent flooding This and the increasing population of Mexico City is causing the next sad fact.

    3. These guys are so cute but face extinction.

    4. This little guy can regenerate cells, meaning it can replace it's arms or even it's HEART if it needs to!

    5. They can even borrow parts from other cutie Axolotls if they need them.


    Talk about teamwork!

    6. Scientists study this amazing creature to figure out if humans can one day grow back limbs!

    7. They are salamanders but unlike their brethren, they remain aquatic even after sexual maturity.

    8. That stylish headdress? It's this little guy's gills!

    9. He's sweet but he's prone to cannibalism!

    10. Inspiration for Jigglypuff? Jury's still out.