10 Animals Who Are Secretly Leprechauns

Sneaky, cute, gold and rainbow-loving creatures are around us year round. We just never knew they’re true identities until now. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

1. No Doubt About it, This Monkey’s Going to Steal Your Gold

2. Repping the Cute Leprechaun Population

3. It’s Uncommon, but Sometimes Leprechauns Come in Pairs.

Sneakiness Factor Increases.

4. Just Super Excited About the Rainbow Situation

5. Waiting for You in the Forrest with a Few Limericks.

6. This Needs No Explanation.

He’s not even trying to hide it.

7. Says He’ll Split the Gold, Just Plain Splits.

Obvious leprechaun behavior.

8. Not So Secret, but Oh So Cute

9. Ferret Found Rainbow, Curled Up in It. Obvious Leprechaun.

10. Irish Dancing Dog=Leprechaun Material

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