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Dec 2013
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    chelseac36 commented on Send Us A Photo Of Starbucks Completely Screwing Up Your Name

    My name gets misspelled and mispronounced a lot even though 100% of famous Chelseas (Clinton, Peretti, Handler, Football Club) spell and pronounce their names the exact same way that I do. The most common misspelling for most of my life was "Chealse", which doesn't even make sense… 

    4 years ago

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  • chelseac36's avatar

    chelseac36 commented on What Are Your Tricks To Make Your Anxiety Feel Smaller?

    I started carrying Silly Putty around with me and play with that a bit if I'm feeling anxious or overwhelmed. It gives my hands something to do (I used to bite and pinch myself when I was anxious) and seems to help me focus on what's going on. I will also slow my breathing, or try… 

    6 years ago

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    chelseac36 commented on 9 Songs That Blatantly Ripped Off Other Songs In 2013

    "Brave" and "Roar" were released 4 months apart. The odds that one is ripping off the other are basically nil.

    7 years ago

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