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What Are Your Tricks To Make Your Anxiety Feel Smaller?

Tell us how you cope, so we can help others.

When you suffer from anxiety, everyday things can often feel very big and intense and overwhelming, sometimes out of nowhere.

Like when you meet someone new and have no idea what to say to them and they aren't doing anything to make this any easier.

Or when you have twelve and a half million things on your to-do list and all you can manage to accomplish is leveling up in Candy Crush.

When being an adult is way, way harder than anyone ever told you.

And when you are having a hard time just holding it together, honestly.

If you deal with anxiety, either in big or little ways, you are probably familiar with these feelings. And maybe you've also learned some self-care or self-soothing techniques to help dial back the intensity from time to time.

Would you mind sharing the things you do that help make your anxiety feel a little smaller?

Share your strategies and tips in the comments, and we may share your answer in a later post.