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Cute And Confusing Vintage Photos Of Animals And Humans

Dangerous, bizarre and also kind of charming!

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Just riding my hippo drawn carriage to work. NBD.

Just riding my hippo drawn carriage to work. NBD.

Just riding my hippo drawn carriage to work. NBD.

How does one go about acquiring a pair of penguins?

Side note: solid beard game.

Side note: solid beard game.

Pandas are the artists of the bear world.

President Warren Harding is totally nuts about his pet squirrel!

The original "surprised kitten" is actually a baby lion.

Awwww, he'll caw you to sleep too.

What a well mannered cheetah!

The only proper way to walk a tortoise is with bribery.

This 'Little Red Riding Hood' cosplay is on point.

Did you walk your alligator yet today?

The laundry's not gonna fold itself.

This kid needs to be a little bit more excited about the baby owls on his lap.

The spectacles really make this kitty's outfit.

This lion really loves his human.


I have a feeling he's done this before.

Hold on cat, gotta brush my fox head before I can brush you.

Are you smiling big, Mr. Wombat?

So, this happened....

Don't mind me, just greasing up my tortoises.

Please tell me what prompted you to put a lobster on a leash.

Nothing says 'Happy New Year' like a girl and her pig!

Definitive proof that we have been dressing up our pets for a very long time.

And finally, a beautiful photo of a Victorian Cat Lady.

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