20 Things Know-It-Alls Know To Be True

Yeah, we’re annoying. We know that, too.

1. You feel compelled to correct someone when they pronounce something wrong.

Warner Bros. / Via gillianeberry.blogspot.com

2. You can’t stand it when someone thinks they know more about something than you do.

I read Game of Thrones and you don’t so STFU.

3. You feel like you might explode when you can’t correct someone.

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4. You use the phrase “I hate to tell you this BUT I told you so.” way too much.

Comedy Central / Via dailyedge.ie

But, you really don’t hate it at all!

5. You try very hard not to let your know-it-all show around people you just met.

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6. But, you see so much stupidity everywhere.

7. You take a lot of bets based on random facts because you know you will win.

Of course I know the average length of a male humpback whale.

8. You get really cocky when you know something is right.

9. But, if you aren’t 100% sure, you are terrified you will have to admit you were wrong.

10. You’ve been known to celebrate your wins.

I just dropped a knowledge bomb on your ass.

11. You are completely dumbfounded when you are wrong.

Wait, what?

12. You seek out additional sources just in case they are still wrong.


13. Finally admitting you were wrong is the hardest thing ever.

Universal Pictures / Via giphy.com


14. Saying “you’re right” is not something you are accustomed to.

The CW / Via somegif.com

Yes, I have to roll my eyes while I say it.

15. There’s a strong possibility you like to correct other people’s grammar.

16. You are pretty sure you would totally rock Jeopardy.

NBC / Via uproxx.com

17. Hermione Granger is your spirit animal.

18. Or, Sheldon Cooper.

19. You butt heads with the other know-it-alls in your family.

Marvel Studios / Via asgardian-angel.tumblr.com

20. But, you are so grateful that they still love you anyways.

The Weinstein Company / Via giphy.com


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