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20 Things Know-It-Alls Know To Be True

Yeah, we're annoying. We know that, too.

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1. You feel compelled to correct someone when they pronounce something wrong.

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2. You can't stand it when someone thinks they know more about something than you do.

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I read Game of Thrones and you don't so STFU.

3. You feel like you might explode when you can't correct someone.

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4. You use the phrase "I hate to tell you this BUT I told you so." way too much.

Comedy Central / Via

But, you really don't hate it at all!

5. You try very hard not to let your know-it-all show around people you just met.

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6. But, you see so much stupidity everywhere.

7. You take a lot of bets based on random facts because you know you will win.

CBS / Via

Of course I know the average length of a male humpback whale.

8. You get really cocky when you know something is right.

9. But, if you aren't 100% sure, you are terrified you will have to admit you were wrong.

10. You've been known to celebrate your wins.

Citytv / Via

I just dropped a knowledge bomb on your ass.

11. You are completely dumbfounded when you are wrong.


Wait, what?

12. You seek out additional sources just in case they are still wrong.

ABC / Via


13. Finally admitting you were wrong is the hardest thing ever.

Universal Pictures / Via


14. Saying "you're right" is not something you are accustomed to.

The CW / Via

Yes, I have to roll my eyes while I say it.

15. There's a strong possibility you like to correct other people's grammar.

16. You are pretty sure you would totally rock Jeopardy.

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17. Hermione Granger is your spirit animal.

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18. Or, Sheldon Cooper.

19. You butt heads with the other know-it-alls in your family.

Marvel Studios / Via

20. But, you are so grateful that they still love you anyways.

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