isn't everything? i promise i'll get back to this eventually haha
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    • chaunceyd

      for all of you trite “act her age” profound commenters…how is a 54 year old woman supposed to act that is ‘age appropriate’? How old are all of you? Aren’t you too old to be spending time trolling a Madonna article about how successful she was this year thirty years into her career and leaving the same comment that so many people have left before you on the same post? Shouldn’t you be doing something a little more worthwhile? Shouldn’t you be doing something that actually matters and that you would be proud of? Opinions are like assholes and yes this is a forum type scenario but if the woman bothers you that much, for doing something she and a lot of her actual fans love, why does it irk you so much that you have no choice but to type a bunch of words that she’ll never see. Do women’s vaginas close up and heal at a certain age? NO. Do 50, 60, 70 and 80 year old men and women have sex sometimes? YES. Do you have a brand new album you just put out that you want to promote and share with your fans all over the world? Probably NOT! Instead of doing shit like this…why not go over to an article that praises an artist you actually like and let them know about it. I think you all should practice what you preach and act your age…i doubt all you nasty ‘lives of the party” types are still in high school but you’re all acting like you’re 12 and you’re miserable. (sorry for sounding like a monster but I don’t get why you bother.) I can’t stand/despise Lady Gaga but the easiest way to not let her annoy me is by not clicking on articles with her name in the title. Nobody is forced to see a Madonna concert…they go because they want to…because they get anywhere from ‘a kick out of her’ all the way up to they have been a hardcore fan for years and what better way to enjoy your favourite performer by buying a ticket and seeing them live. Have a great day! Smile!

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