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    • charliem18

      I feel so sorry for all the people misled by false choices…You are tricked into thinking you are on the “good” side.
      In the bible Satan offered Jesus all the governments in the entire world if Jesus would just bow down to him one time! Satan did not offer Jesus one political party or another.
      Jesus taught we should look for his fathers Kingdom to come that no human would set up or run. It would destroy ALL human governments.
      Why argue about or put hope in Satan’s man made governments? Jesus refused being part of them when they tried to make him king! He knew he would return as Gods appointed king later.
      If your bible based religion is not educating you about what the bible really teaches about Christians involvement in governmentItruly suggest taking the bible’s advice and “get out of her…” And beg your creator for help seeing the truth. Then listen for that knock. If you are sincere and keep asking it will come.(scriptures to look up about the above are…Daniel 2:44 Matthew 6:9 Revelation 21:3,4 John 6:14,15 Luke 5:5-71john 5:19 revelation 16:14 Matthew 7:7)

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