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7 Places Around Oz To Have A Savage St Paddy's Day

C'mere till I tell ya.

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Are you Irish and living in Australia?

Do you find yourself feeling even more homesick around this time of the year?

Suddenly craving Tayto more than ever. Fed up with the heat. Spending your weekends trying to download the most recent episode of The Late Late, while sippin' Barry's Tea and nibbling on your last packet of chocolate Kimberley's that your mam sent you for Christmas.

Enough is enough.

With St Patrick's Day around the corner, it's time for you to leave the house and get in on some of the celebrations.

This is your time to shine.

The one day that you can get the shift- just for being Irish!

So pop on the mortifying t-shirt and embrace any other Irish stereotype that you can think of.

After the 17th you can go back to drowning your sorrows in tea and biscuits whilst bellowing Back Home In Derry through fits of tears.

1. Durty Nelly's Irish Pub - Perth

If it's authenticity you're after, you can't go past Durty Nelly's. The place was originally designed and constructed in Ireland. It was then disassembled and transported to Shafto Lane in the heart of Perth, where it was reassembled. This St Paddy's Day, the pub is offering live entertainment from midday to midnight.

2. Irish Festival - Brisbane

There's some mighty craic to be had in Brisbane. The city hosts a 10 day Irish event each year- including everything from a fancy ball, to a Father Ted night. Check their website here, to see a full list of the events.

3. The Last Jar - Melbourne

This pub will win you over from the moment you walk in. If you don't have time to make the parades and can't afford a hangover at work the following day, pop in to The Last Jar and enjoy a hearty Irish meal. Apparently they serve some fierce fadge.

4. St Patrick’s Day Parade and Family Day - Sydney

If you're in Sydney and wanting to do something more family/group orientated, check out the Sydney St Patrick’s Day Parade and Family Day. This is one of the world's largest St Paddy's Day celebrations. The fun kicks off at 10.30am outside Town Hall, followed by the parade at midday. The floats will move from George Street to James Street, with the main event at Hyde Park North. There will be music, stalls, food and fun until 6.30pm.

5. P.J.O'Brien's Irish Pub - Adelaide

If it's an Irish breakfast you're after, P.J.O'Brien's will be offering a special St Paddy's Day breakfast from 9am till midday. If you're still able to move after the feast, stay for the Irish dancing lessons that start at 10.30am.

6. Westbury St Patrick's Festival - Tasmania

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The Westbury St Patrick's Festival is held each year in Westbury, Tasmania, on the March weekend closest to St Patrick's Day. This year the festival will be held on Saturday 15th March. Stay up to date on their Facebook page here, and see all of the upcoming attractions for the festival.

7. Shenannigans Pub - Darwin

If you like a bit of competition, Shenannigans Pub in Darwin will be offering heaps of prizes and giveaways this St Paddy's day. So come dressed in your best Irish costume and be prepared for a few people acting the maggot.

What do you miss the most about Ireland when you're in Australia?

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