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    • charlesb27

      I hope I’m not the only that sees the irony in attacking McFarlane for being sexist after an entire night of watching women and instantly grading their hair, make up, clothing, and every other superficial characteristic they have time to discuss…. For fun, lets cross reference this with Buzzfeed’s “best tweets” 1. “Everyone in Hollywood gets an Oscar for pretending they don’t want to murder Kristin Chenoweth.” Violence against women…. Hilarious “Pretty sure Anne Hathaway turned Adele’s mic down too low to keep the night about her. #oscars”-Ha ha ha, that Hathaway sure isaconniving harpy. “Jennifer Lawrence tripped on the banana peel we all planted for Anne Hathaway.”-More violence against women. “America’s gays have reachedaconsensus: None of us like Seth MacFarlane; we would all still sleep with him”-How dare they objectify him like that? “Off camera: The Nazi from earlier was pointingagun at the audience during that last number.”-Shocking, simply shocking.

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