I Wish Someone Had Told Me About These 15 Ways To Stick To A Budget

    I struggled hard with budgeting, but these ideas made a difference.

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    Sooo many people struggle with budgeting.

    Here are 15 tips that helped me actually stick to budgeting:

    1. Think of budgeting as a habit that takes time to learn.

    2. You don't have to budget for everything that could happen in the future. It's okay to start by focusing on what you need right now.

    Monthly expenses written in a notebook

    3. The budgeting method you choose doesn't really matter as long as you use one that actually works for you.

    4. Try budgeting just one or two categories at first. You can always expand into more categories later.

    Screenshot of two categories (fun and groceries)

    5. And try limiting your budget to just a few categories with bigger budgets instead of many, many small categories.

    6. Don't immediately go for a supertight budget. Instead, make gradual cuts so you don't feel deprived.

    7. Be honest about how much you spend.

    8. Check your budget for 15 minutes once a week.

    Timer showing 15 minutes

    9. Or just check your budget anytime you have a few free minutes.

    10. Have a budget goal for something. It can be literally anything you want as long as it motivates you.

    Screenshot of saving categories in Digit app

    11. Sort your expenses into fixed costs that stay the same every month and variable costs that go up and down.

    Fixed expenses stay the same every month and variable expenses are different

    12. Try something for two weeks. And if it’s not working, then try something else.

    13. Try planning ahead for seasonal expenses by saving little bits throughout the year.

    Screenshot of an Excel sheet of planning for gifts

    14. Keep track of the due dates on all of your bills to avoid surprises.

    Calendar with reminders to pay bills like rent, credit card, insurance

    15. And finally, don’t worry about being perfect; just be consistent.

    Just remember: There is no "right way" to budget.

    Do you use a budget? Share what helps you stay on track (and what throws you off) in the comments below!

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