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Things All People With Curly Hair Experience

It's a way of life

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Having curly hair is a lifestyle that can take a lot of your time


A lot of time for a lot of hair

Some people don't get a lot of the struggles

And you find your self saying this a bit too often

You don't ever attempt to brush it

university primetime / Via

Especially when it's dry

Everyone wants to touch your luscious locks

Good Morning America / Via

Am I allowed to say no?

You find yourself buying way too many products

Anything that works, right?

Anything that works, right?

Humidity is not your friend


It just keeps getting bigger and it won't stop

You're constantly trying to get it out of your face

Youtube-royals / Via

Must. Stop. Touching.

It gets frizzy way too fast

Warner Brothers- Harry Potter / Via

It's even crazier right after you wake up

frozen / Via

But at the end of the day, you wouldn't trade your hair in for anyone else's

doctor who / Via

Because your hair makes you who you are

Work those locks!

seventeen / Via

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