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    Just 20 Brilliant Two-In-One Products That Are Extremely Useful

    Jewelry that opens bottles with the flick of a finger and a keychain that opens doors for you? We'll take two of each.

    1. A rechargeable hand warmer that can also charge your phone. Let's face it, I've never met a mitten that kept my hand warm, disposable hand warmers are costly over time, and my TikTok habit constantly drains my cell battery — this little guy can heat up to 131 degrees Fahrenheit in seconds, keep your prized iPhone/Android juiced, and one charge lasts four to eight hours.

    2. A splurge-worthy exercise desk bike because my dedication to Chloe Ting's at home workouts have sadly waned. If pushing yourself to move your muscles once you're done with the work day seems impossible, than this desk is for you — you'll be exercising your brain and body at the same darn time.

    3. A stylish tote with vegan leather straps that you can use as a shoulder bag *or* a backpack. Perfect for when your impromptu Target trip turns into a haul, your poor shoulder will thank you for utilizing the backpack option.

    4. An outlet shelf so you can save space, keep your electronics charging without putting them on the the floor/table, and add decor (think succulents). There's also a little compartment inside the shelf to store unsightly wires!

    5. A beautiful faux clay vase and potted plant litter box that you'll want to show off instead of hiding in the bathroom. The only thing better than the design is its filtered vented system that controls odor and dust — some reviewers have even turned the inside into a bed for their cats!

    Reviewer cat using kitty litter box plant

    6. A cozy Bluetooth knit beanie with a built-in mic so you can listen to your Spotify playlist without headphones, make hands-free calls, and keep your head warm. The cap is machine washable and allows for seven hours of talk and play time!

    7. A hair clip that deserves a round of applause for its many talents. It can be used as a nail file, ruler, screwdriver, wick holder, keychain, wire stripper, bottle opener and of course, as a gentle hair clip for your gorgeous mane.

    8. A no-touch brass keychain door opener and stylus — aka you'll never have to touch a digital screen or door handle in public ever again. Use this instead of your hands at the ATM or to enter stores, then easily clip to your hip or place in your pocket.

    Four photos of model using keychain in different ways

    9. A chain ring bottle opener that makes enjoying a bottle of brew or 'booch a breeze. The high quality stainless-steel material ensures it doesn't rust, lose color, or dent for a long time.

    10. A velvet storage ottoman with a removable lid big enough to comfortably lay your feet on top and fit snacks, a remote, and a blanket inside — aka all the Netflix binge session staples.

    11. An uber cute iPhone case that doubles as a wallet — now you don't have to awkwardly stuff your cell into a clutch to avoid carrying a bigger bag.

    12. A quiet portable humidifier and night light to remove dust and allergens, plus help relieve dry nose and throat. And the LED lights really steal the show! They come in seven calming colors that are perfect for late-night bathroom trips and car rides.

    Reviewer using humidifier night light on desk

    13. An over-the-sink strainer board that makes food prep quick and clean. The board allows for draining pasta, plus washing and chopping meats, veggies, and fruits in one quick motion.

    Strainer cutting board in use over kitchen sink

    14. Paula's Choice sunscreen and hydrating moisturizer with chamomile and vitamin E that minimizes pores, firms skin, and protects from the sun's harmful UVA/UVB rays (because even on cloudy winter days, the sun can still do damage).

    Bottle of SPF moisturizer

    15. A door draft stopper and noise-blocker that also keeps out bad odors and pests. Simply slide the two sided stopper underneath your door to keep the cold or warmth in while enjoying complete silence. Plus, unwanted guests will no longer be able to slip underneath the door.

    16. A wall mounted shelf draw organizer and toothpaste dispenser to keep all your bathroom essentials off the counter and in one place. The dispenser ensures that you get every last drop of toothpaste without you ever having to touch the tube.

    17. An OPI nail strengthener and polish that will give a brilliant shine and intense color, plus the blend of hydrolyzed wheat protein and calcium works to lengthen and repair your nails at the same darn time.

    Reviewer before and after shot of nails using product

    18. A teeth-whitening toothpaste to remove plaque, freshen breath, and give you professional looking pearly whites sans the irritation of traditional whitening strips. Perfect for coffee-stained teeth and those who want a charcoal-free whitening paste.

    Reviewer before and after photo of teeth using toothpaste

    19. A bamboo charcuterie cutting board that will make you feel like the Barefoot Contessa whether your prepping or presenting your meal with it. It's anti microbial, has grooves to catch any juice, and can take a lot of wear and tear.

    20. And a portable blender that turns into a 14-oz travel cup! You can pack your smoothie ingredients and blend on the go — once it's done, just sip right from the cup or with a metal straw (save the 🐢s!).

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