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    24 Things That'll Encourage You To Actually Keep Your Fitness Resolutions This Year

    Fun workouts, great leggings, and so much more.

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    1. High-waisted pattern leggings that reviewers say are a dupe for a more expensive athletic brand! They're made with spandex so they fit like a glove and move with you while you squat, lunge, and stretch.

    2. An Obe Fitness subscription so you can try anyo of their 22 live classes offered daily. They also have on-demand sessions that are available 24/7 so whether you're an early bird or a night owl, there's something for you! Plus, you can watch it on your cell phone, smart TV, or laptop.

    Women doing various exercises in athletic apparel

    3. A posture corrector that'll help you maintain proper form while you're working out or just working from home. It can also assist with reducing neck, back, and shoulder aches that make exercising unpleasant.

    Reviewer wearing posture corrector over shirt

    4. A fitness journal so you can track meals, exercise, sleep, and water intake. Tracking these details can help you stay on top of your goals and figure out a schedule that what works best for you!

    5. A five-pack of resistance bands of varying levels that'll take your at-home workouts to the next level. If you're getting bored of your current routine, these bands can make it more challenging and help you switch things up.

    6. A P.volve digital membership that will make you feel like you're part of an enthusiastic workout community. The on demand workout videos are detailed and thorough — it's like having having your own compact personal trainer on your cell, TV, or laptop. You can also purchase their high-quality equipment, apparel, and choose routines based on your specific goals.

    Computer and smartphone with fitness class on both screens

    7. A hydration reminder to make sure your body gets all the water that it needs while you're breaking a sweat. This adorable gadget will blink once an hour to encourage you take a sip.

    8. An acupressure mat and pillow that pays for itself after one use. The cushioned foam mat minimizes tension and pain that can come from a tough workout, plus the faux acupuncture needles hit certain pressure points that help reduce stress and increase energy.

    Pink and white acupressure mat on the floor

    9. Or! A mesh bath pillow for a relaxing after workout soak. The super plush pillow feels like laying on a comfy cloud, which means you'll be tempted to take about 10 baths per day.

    10. A shoelace charm with a beautiful message because we all need a little motivation to get us going sometimes.

    Shoelace charm on gray sneakers on wood floor

    11. A roller ball you can give yourself a deep massage with after a challenging workout. Just roll it over the areas where you feel stiff or sore and wait for the magic — you can even use massage oil or cream to make it feel like a more ~luxurious~ experience.

    12. A super cute and sturdy splurge-worthy yoga mat so you can strike a killer tree pose without wobbling. Each mat is hand-made from recycled plastic that is latex and silicone-free.

    Pink yoga mat on gray floor

    13. Adidas Ultraboost 1.0 DNA sneakers to make your morning jog feel like walking on air. The lightweight knit allows your foot to breathe whether you're doing a mile run or a quick sprint.

    Model wearing black sneakers

    14. A two-in-one water bottle and foam roller that'll keep you hydrated and let you try a new workout routine without having to purchase expensive equipment.

    Water bottle foam roller on white background

    15. An affordable, high-quality racerback sports bratrust me, you'll want to stock up on these! It wicks away moisture, keeps you cool, and provides maximum support.

    16. A rapid egg cooker to make a delicious protein rich breakfast in minutes, that way you'll finally have enough time and energy for an a.m. workout.

    Egg cooker on table with cooked eggs on plate and wooden board

    17. Powerbeats Pro wireless earphones that hug your ear so they won't fall out during an intense workout session. Plus, they're sweat-resistant so a little perspiration won't stop your playlist.

    18. A post-exercise cool down mist to give you that after-workout ~glow.~ The relieving spray is super lightweight, energizing, and smells heavenly. (Psst, you can also use it to prep and set your makeup.)

    Bottle of cool down mist on white background

    19. A wool performance sock that can take a lot of wear and tear. It's designed to fit like a glove and give maximum comfort without slipping or sliding down your foot.

    Sock on white background

    20. Exercise cards to ensure you don't get bored with your routine. These are detailed with photos and text to help you perfect new moves, which means that even a poor Wi-Fi connection can't interrupt your workout.

    Exercise cards and box on white background

    21. Invisible ear plugs that will make focusing during yoga and mediation super easy. Say bye bye to noisy neighbors, bustling traffic, or any other distracting noise that gets in your way...~namaste.~

    22. Nonslip grip socks with straps to keep your feet securely planted on the ground while you tackle your workout like a pro. Plus, they are super comfy and perfect for Pilates, barre, and yoga.

    23. A portable blender that'll perfectly mix or puree fruits, vegetables, seeds, and powders when you need a quick post or pre-workout pick-me-up. The rechargeable bottle can make 14-oz. of the delicious smoothie of your choice.

    24. A silky eye mask because your new morning workout routine starts bright and early — so you need to be well rested. This mask makes the room completely dark so you can fall asleep quickly, plus it's comfy, hypoallergenic, and super lightweight.

    Model wearing black eye mask

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