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    39 Of The Most Random But Useful Products I Found On TikTok

    These viral products are worth all the hype.

    1. A webcam cover to make sure you never run the risk of your coworkers catching a glimpse of your choatic background. Just make the sure the coast is clear — aka stack some academic books directly behind you to make you look ~scholarly~ — then slide the cover to the left and prepare to impress them with your sophisticated decor.

    2. A fun record player tape dispenser that will instantly upgrade your WFH experience. This nifty gadget is weighted so you can effortlessly snatch off a piece of tape with one hand. Plus, the faux vinyl player doubles as work desk decor and is Gen-Z approved.

    Reviewer holding top of tape case

    3. A toothbrush and shaving razor sanitizer with a side compartment for your toothpaste. Not only can it help rid your toiletries of germs and bacteria, but it also looks like it was plucked from an episode of The Jetsons. Basically, it'll up your hygiene game and make your bathroom look super ~futuristic.~

    4. A pill organizer that's super compact so you take it on the go. Plus, it has slots so you can separate your morning vitamins and medications from the ones you take at night.

    Model holding pill organizer

    5. A no-touch brass keychain door opener and stylus — aka you'll never have to touch a digital screen or door handle in public ever again. Use this instead of your hands at the ATM or to enter stores, then easily clip to your hip or place in your pocket.

    6. A two-pack security alarm keychain with an LED flashlight and USB charging port because it's better to be safe than sorry. In the case of an emergency, you can press the SOS button to sound the alarm that alerts anyone nearby that you might be in danger. You can use the light to see at night and charge your phone with the USB if it dies while you're outside.

    Reviewer holding SOS keychain alarm

    7. A beautiful LED alarm clock that will inspire you to film a 'morning routine' TikTok as soon as its delivered. This chic gadget will display the time on its mirror screen, make sure you never sleep late, annnnnd it can charge your phone. In the words of Michael Scott, it's a win-win-win.

    8. An Ergo Spout so you can turn almost any mason jar into an adorable dispenser. Just add in any dressing, sweetener, or sauce, place and screw the top on to the jar, then hold the handle and the flip top to pour. You can officially say goodbye dated syrup bottles and cheap condiment packaging!

    Cap on mason jar on table

    9. A compact three-in-one fan/charger/flashlight that has endless possibilities. It can charge your phone, charge your wireless earphones, help you find items in the dark, keep you cool, dry your nails, and more all for under 16 bucks. I'll take two. please!

    10. Bluetooth sunglasses with a built-in mic so you can listen to your Spotify playlist without headphones, make hands-free calls, protect your eyes, *and* look incredibly stylish. Easily adjust the volume by pressing the button on the shades and enjoy up to 10 hours of talk and play time!

    Model wearing sunglasses

    11. A 10-pack of Wonder Hangers because your Zara haul left you with enough outfit changes to fit into a three minute TikTok video — but definitely not your tiny closet. One hanger can hold five garments, plus the handle can lay vertically which gives you even more space.

    12. A silicone mask brush to make applying beauty masks a breeze (especially if, like me, you can NEVER get an even application of product on your face). This guarantees that every inch of your face will be evenly coated and equally pampered.

    Reviewer holding spatula up to face

    13. Portable soap paper sheets that get instantly sudsed up with a drop of water. These can clean your hands on-the-go when the Costco bathroom runs out of soap during your shopping trip and you've got to go.

    14. Mighty Match Pimple Spot Treatment – it battles blemishes and stops you from picking at your face, which just causes further inflammation and more bacteria. These grab the goo out of your zit while you binge Netflix or get some beauty rest: simply apply the sticker to the pimple and in six hours, your uninvited guest will have reduced in size (or disappeared altogether).

    Reviewer before and after photo using patches

    15. A portable blender that turns into a 14-oz travel cup and comes with a mini cube ice tray! You can pack your smoothie ingredients and blend on the go — once it's done, just sip right from the cup or with a metal straw (save the 🐢s!).

    16. A faux leather napkin holder for your car — so that now when someone asks for a tissue, you won't have to pull out a crumpled up torn piece from your glove compartment that you "swear" isn't used.

    Tissue holder in use in car

    17. A quiet portable humidifier and night light to remove dust and allergens, plus help relieve dry nose and throat. And the LED lights really steal the show! They come in seven calming colors that are perfect for late-night bathroom trips and even car rides.

    18. A BPA-free electric water bottle pump that can be used on two to five gallon jugs of water without the traditional dispenser. This device can be super helpful for anyone who can't lift the heavy jug or clean the standard cooler, plus it's also for great for camping trips and to save space in your home. Just plop the jug right on your counter and place the pump directly on the cap on to enjoy.

    Reviewer using spout on water tub

    19. A skin scrubber so you can get a spa like facial in the comfort of your own home. This affordable gadget removes dirt, oil, and gunk from your pores while massaging your skin. It also comes with two silicone covers — one to assist with tightening and one to give your skin a deep clean.

    20. A clip-on lip balm pouch that will ensure you never mistakenly toss another tube in the washing machine because you left it in your pocket — or — suffer from chapped lips because you switched purses and forgot your gloss. Each order comes with five pouches so you can keep it clipped to every single one of your keys, backpacks, and purses.

    Chapstick holder keychain on keys

    21. A bug bite suction tool to help relieve swelling, irritation, and itching from mosquitoes, bees, wasps, and more. Just one pump of this simple device removes insect fluid from bites! It's reusable and doesn't require any pills, cream, or prescriptions.

    22. A beauty spatula that will ensure you get every last bit of product out of the bottle. The slim tool acts as a mini shovel for your lotions, creams, foundations, and more. Never again will you have to trash what could easily be five more full face applications of product.

    Reviewer digging in lotion with spatula

    23. A portable no-install door lock to provide an extra bit of security at home or away. The durable steel security device just needs to be placed in the jam of a locked door and then you can enjoy a night of extra peaceful sleep.

    24. A nail polish holder ring that has made the impossible possible — flawless at-home manicures! This ring comfortably sits between two fingers which allows you to lay your hand flat and have the bottle directly on top of it. No more mess or stress!

    Reviewer using product to paint nails

    25. Cleaning putty — this gel actually makes the act of cleaning super satisfying and fun. Plus this reusable blob can fit into all the dusty nooks and crannies of your car, computer, and home.

    26. Reusable silicone dishwashing gloves that will protect your manicure, keep your hands dry, and save you $$$ in the long run. Need I say more?

    Reviewer washing dishes with gloves

    27. Shark Tank approved reusable silicone mats which can be used as a mat for your hot tools, trivet, pot holder, food splatter guard, and jar opener. Plus, these non-slip mats are BPA-free, heat resistant, and dishwasher safe.

    28. A mini desktop vacuum for all the snack crumbs, dirt, and dust that your desk has accumulated. Just slide this super cute device over your TikTok-worthy WFH set up for a quick clean up in seconds.

    29. Car seat gap fillers so that important items like your phone, glasses, or food don't slip between the cracks. Now your car won't smell like ~eau de week old fast food~ and your glasses will remain intact.

    Car seat filler in use in vehicle

    30. A car clip sauce holder — now you can enjoy your to-go order on-the-go without ruining the car *or* your outfit. This double dipper allows you to conveniently dunk your nuggets, fries, or even a burger without worrying about short stops or unsteady hands getting in the way.

    Clip sauce holder in use in car

    31. Reusable silicone mitts that will turn you into a lean mean hot pot grabbing machine. I mean seriously, you won't be able to resist lifting up the lid on your delicious meal or getting a peak at your oven dish with these delightful mini mitts.

    32. A electric frother to take your barista skills to the next level. This battery powered device makes the cloudiest and yummiest hot or cold foam from the milk of your choice (psst, it works great on nondairy milk, too!).

    33. A case of 1,200 silicone earring backs because these guys are more elusive than socks — they get lost, fall out, or tear, which means you run the risk of losing your favorite pair of earrings. Thankfully, for under six bucks, you can avoid this ever happening again.

    Reviewer earring backs in case

    34. Pre-made and custom spice labels that will ensure your kitchen pantry TikTok video ends up on the "for you" page. Whether you're going for a minimalist aesthetic or want to ~spice~ it up, you'll find the perfect design for you. Plus, all labels are waterproof and can take a lot of wear and tear.