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    18 Bathroom Products That Are Both Stylish And Incredibly Useful

    Congrats on your new, very 'gram-able room.

    1. An acrylic Squatty Potty toilet stool because you were today-years-old when you realized there's a proper way to ~go~. This simple device is also translucent so it fits in with any decor.

    Squatty potty stool on floor in bathroom

    2. A handmade soap dish that's designed to drain excess water directly into the sink. That means no mess, no stress.

    3. A touch-less eco-friendly Fohm dispenser and cleanser — simply hold your toilet paper up to the motion activated dispenser and the foam magically turns it into a pipe-friendly flushable wet wipe. Standard wet wipes can clog drains and may be harmful to marine life!

    Model holding toilet paper up to Fohm dispenser

    4. A chic over-the-door towel rack that saves major space and makes even the most affordable towels look fancy.

    Towel rack hanging over bathroom door holding towels and robe

    5. A touchless bathroom trash bin with an odor filter so you can keep yucky smells trapped in the bin and keep your hands clean.

    6. A budget-friendly speaker that's waterproof and tiny enough to fit in your purse, but mighty enough to blast your favorite tunes.

    Model holding speaker under water

    7. An all-natural toothpaste with an aesthetically pleasing design. You'll initially buy it for the eye-catching minimalist look but keep coming back for its smooth texture, tasty mint flavor, and powerful whitening results. It also comes with a handy tube roller to ensure you get every last drop of toothpaste.

    Tube of toothpaste on counter next to toothbrushes

    8. A toilet tissue dispenser with a sleek design that doubles as storage and decor. It is perfect for small bathrooms because you can stuff rolls of TP inside and put plants, electronics, and/or beauty items on top.

    9. An ombre textured shower curtain that looks like it just stepped straight out of the salon. The curtains come in eight different hues so you can choose from several different pops of color.

    Gray ombre curtains hanging in bathroom

    10. A shower caddy with an open design so you never have to worry about a bottle being too big to fit *or* slipping through the bar spacing. The basket is designed to be suctioned to the bathroom wall and stay put, plus the aluminum material is rust-resistant and makes cleaning a breeze.

    Shower caddy hanging from nozzle

    11. A bath caddy tray because you deserve to feel like you're in a 5-star hotel every time you step into your tub. It's made from high quality bamboo which gives it a beautiful natural wood finish, plus it has enough space to fit a whole bottle of wine, a book, candles, chocolate, and any other luxuries you can dream of.

    Reviewer using bath caddy over tub

    12. A fancy house-shaped tissue box that nobody ~nose~ is under five bucks. Its cute design allows it to function as decor, a convenient tissue box, plus a book end.

    Tissue box on table next to books

    13. A gold-lined mirrored tray that makes budget beauty items look high end. Who's swiping on $4 liquid lipstick? You are! But who will feel like royalty when they do so? Also you!

    Tray on counter with perfume and makeup inside

    14. A hanging cotton canvas hamper that is a major space-saver. Plus it looks so chic, you'll be tempted to snap a picture and air your ~dirty laundry~ on Instagram.

    the white holder

    15. A two-tiered tray to store your favorite accessories! Now, you don't have to risk jewelry falling down the sink drain because you forgot to take 'em before washing your hands.

    Vanity mirror tray on desk

    16. A wireless mini dehumidifier to keep your bathroom in tip top shape. It removes moisture, prevents mold and mildew, and masks odors.

    17. A wall outlet shelf so you can enjoy your shower playlist uninterrupted by dying batteries. Simply attach the shelf to the outlet, place the device of your choice on top, and plug in the charger.

    18. A four-piece mason jar bathroom accessories set that will upgrade your toiletries and make them all look Pinterest-worthy.

    Four mason jars in use on counter

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