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    26 Beauty Products That Just Might Change Your Makeup Routine Forever

    A contoursition notebook palette, moisturizing matte lipstick, and other products that will make you look like you have your own personal glam squad.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. The Crayon Case Contoursition Palette turns beauty novices into Michelangelo with their super easy-to-follow face sculpting instructions. Add this to cart and soon you'll be sporting a contour that'll convince everyone you're a pro-MUA.

    The Crayon Case is a small Black-woman owned business founded by New Orleans entrepreneur and influencer, Supa Cent. The brand creates school supply themed makeup products for eyes, lips, and face.

    Promising review: "This contour palette is bomb for the price! I am really pale and use Ross and Raven to contour and bronze. I’ve used the darker highlight as an eyeshadow and it’s gorgeous. I would recommend this to all skin tones!" —Sarah

    Get it from The Crayon Case for $18.

    2. Bamboo Charcoal Oil Blotting Sheets absorb shine in seconds without messing up your makeup. Dab these rectangular papers over any greasy areas of your face instead of packing on more powder, and you'll be amazed at the results.

    Reviewer holding up a blotting sheet with grease marks on it

    Promising review: "I've had oily skin my whole life and have used countless types of oil blotting sheets because they're life savers. THESE ARE AMAZING. They're a great deal, big sheets, and they pull out one at a time so easily. I'll never go back to other brands. Give these a try — they're completely worth it. They work well and are easy to use. I have no negative things to say at all." —Kelsey

    Get a pack of 200 sheets from Amazon for $11.95+ (available in three formulas).

    3. Ilia's Skin Tint packs three products into one convenient bottle — an SPF 40, tinted moisturizer, and a beauty serum. It contains hyaluronic acids, squalane, niacinamide, and zinc oxide, so basically it will protect you from all the sun's harsh rays and give you glass-like skin.

    Ilia Beauty

    The Skin Tint is free of silicone, fragrance, and oil. It comes in 30 shades and three undertones.

    Promising review: "Always on the search for my ‘Holy Grail’ foundation, I figured I would give this serum tint a try. My love grew deeper! It is beautiful in every way! I can use either the Bom Bom or the Formosa. The shade range is phenomenal! A few drops warmed between the fingers provides more coverage than I expected for a serum, while still being super ‘bare’ skin friendly…AND it’s a sufficient SPF! It’s great for an every day ‘no makeup makeup’ look or more ‘done up’. It’s become my daily ‘go to’ summer foundation. I feel more confident in this serum tint than any full-coverage foundation I’ve tried to date. Beautiful, beautiful product!" —Jessica

    Get it from Ilia Beauty for $48 (available in 30 shades).

    4. Bliss Jelly Glow Peel scrubs its way deep down into your pores to provide major exfoliation that makes even the most full-coverage foundation look like it's just your skin. It's100% cruelty free and made from quality ingredients like fruit enzymes, coconut fruit extract, vitamin B5, and niacinamide.

    Four pink exfoliating scrubs / Via @bliss

    Promising review: "It’s important to exfoliate your face so that when you use your serums, oils and creams they can all be absorbed properly. This product is amazing. Immediately my dead skin was balling up and after washing off, my skin was glowing! Blackheads were removed and my dry skin patches smoothed. I slept with a moisture mask and in the morning I was like a new woman." —Alexandra L Plazas

    Get it from Amazon for $9.97.

    5. Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner has a micro-tip that makes it super easy to create bold or subtle wings, ones that look like they're tattooed on because they won't flake or crease.,

    Promising review: "Stila is the absolute best liquid eyeliner I have ever tried. It doesn't fade or crack and stays on through sleeping and tears. It's very smudge-proof and it does not flake AT ALL. It dries quickly and stays. It's also easy to clean off at the end of the day. No hard scrubbing to get it off — makeup wipes will take it off easily. It's amazing for creating perfect wings, or drawing artfully for Halloween. It's perfect for everyday subtle looks and for getting more creative and wild. I can use this eyeliner for months at a time without having to repurchase." —Kyra

    Get it from Amazon for $22 (available in five colors and with a micro tip).

    Learn more about this in our Stila waterproof liquid eyeliner review.

    6. Drunk Elephant Virgin Marula Face Oil contains antioxidants and omegas suited for all skin types (oily, dry, and combo). This holy-grail beauty item will give you a ~luxurious~ glow and provide the perfect base layer for your makeup.

    BuzzFeed writer holding product in their hand
    Buzzfeed/Christine Forbes

    Promising review: "This oil is pretty thick, and that's why I like it. I have oily skin, so I only use it after I apply drying products. It's nonirritating and absorbs quickly. A single drop goes a long way, believe me. I would definitely repurchase this since I love using it with the night serum." —Christine Forbes

    Get it from Amazon for $40.

    7. A five-piece sponge set that'll convince you to throw out all of your other brushes. These are perfect for applying your makeup every day because they blend out foundation perfectly and can take a lot of wear and tear.,

    Promising review: "These are wonderful for everyday application. Honestly, I’m lazy and prefer not to wash my applicators after every use. I’m able to use a clean one every application, and then just wash all the used ones in one sweep. They are much more dense than other brands but these work just as good, if not better. Promise." —Victoria cossata

    Get a set of five from Amazon for $7.55.

    8. L'Oreal Paris Unbelieva-Brow Gel creates dream brows with just a few swipes. This thickens hair with a tinted, sweat-resistant formula that looks soft and natural.

    Reviewer before and after photo using brow gel

    Promising review: "All I have to say is that this L'Oreal brow product is better than Wundurbrow and way cheaper. I used Wundurbrow for a while and I'm surprised I didn't discover this one first since I'm a professional Cosmetologist and do brows regularly. It literally stay matte and my brows don't sweat at all. I've kept my makeup on for three days (not recommended) and still my brows looked so fresh like I did them the same day. Anyways love this!" —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $13.39.

    9. Catkin x Summer Palace Lipstick ensures you never have to sacrifice moisture for matte. This lippie glides on smooth, delivering a super pigmented dose of color that stays put., Amazon

    Promising review: "The package of this lip is delicate, even more beautiful than my Tom Ford. It's a matte lip, not very dry even though I don’t use the balm as a base. I used this lip every day last week, and almost every day someone asked me about this. I love it and recommend!" —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $14.99+ (available in three shades).

    10. Malaya Hydrating Mist allows you to add some moisture to your skin (without messing up your makeup!) whenever you need it.

    Bottle of hydrating mist
    Pink Moon

    Pink Moon, an Asian Woman-owned small business, refers to this mist as "a drink of water for your skin." It works like a facial serum that'll leave your skin glowing with its cocktail of rose and bamboo waters, as well as its collagen-stimulating and antioxidant-rich gotu kola.

    Get it from Pink Moon for $58.

    11. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer feels like Tinkerbell applied your makeup with a light but magical touch. The formula glides on, is oil-free, and provides protection from the sun (SPF 40)! It blurs redness, acne, and lasts all day — so sign me up!

    Model with before and after applying the tinted moisturizer

    Promising review: "This tinted moisturizer melts into my skin, blurs my redness and pores PERFECTLY with very minimal amount of product. If I have a pimple I will dot it with concealer first but I literally do not need anything else, no powder no nothing. I just sweep my blush and bronzer on and set with a spray." —thebabykels

    Get it from Sephora for $47 (available in 20 shades).

    12. Glory Lip Duo kicks dry skin to the curb so you can finally add all those matte lippies to your cart. It comes with a scrub and balm that uses vitamin E and shea butter to cure cracked lips for good.

    Two jars of lip product
    Glory Skincare

    Glory Skincare is a WOC-owned business that sells products formulated without the "Toxic 20," aka the 20 most questionable/harmful products commonly found in skincare (think parabens, phthalates, and even formaldehyde). They source their products from women and minority owned skincare brands, including new launches from established brands and lesser-known items from smaller businesses.

    Promising review: "This is the lip mask and scrub combo I've been searching for. I used to have a great lip scrub that completely obliterated every particle of dead skin, but the brand stopped making it and I've been searching for an equally effective alternative ever since. Well, here it is! The Cocolippy scrub exfoliates like a dream and moisturizes with shea butter. It's pretty much as effective as using steel wool on your mouth, but obviously way more gentle. Then you can follow up with the Cocobliss hydrating lip balm for an extra layer of moisture packed with vitamin E and shea butter. The scrub is rough enough to really get rid of dead skin, and the balm is satisfyingly thick and buttery smooth. My lips have never been happier."—Rebecca O'Connell

    Get them from Glory Skincare for $36.

    13. Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay becomes everyone's holy grail mask within the first use — it has over 29,000 + positive reviews! Just mix this 100% natural calcium bentonite clay with apple cider vinegar for squeaky clean skin that will leave you with the perfect canvas for your next makeup look.,

    Promising review: "This is the best mask! Used it back in the day for my acne and now that I’m almost 30 I’m using it for age prevention! I have a lot of dry skin issues including psoriasis and this works wonders! Tid bit: a little goes a long way. Don’t over pour or you’ll end up with a lot of face mask left over!" —Rachel Jones

    Get it from Amazon from $9.99.

    14. Bella Skin Beauty The Eye Serum gives tired, dry, puffy peepers a boost of moisture with a blend of 13 essential oils and aloe vera. Apply one drop under each side to instantly look more awake, make your skin feel satiny smooth, and prevent your concealer from seperating.

    Bottle of serum on white table
    Bella Skin Beauty

    Bella Skin Beauty is a small woman-owned business founded by Diana and Alexis. The brand is based in southern California and specializes in skin, hair, and body care products.

    Promising review: "My eye area is sensitive and easily irritated because of the Retin-A I use on my face. All eye creams, lotions, balms to date have increased the redness and flakiness except this eye serum which is light and soothing, this is the best. One drop is all it takes for both eyes and there is no scent or oiliness. This container will last a long time." —Beverly B.

    Get it from Bella Skin Beauty for $62.

    15. Kaja Roller Glow evenly deposits the perfect amount of highlight to your face, all without messing up your foundation or looking cakey.


    Promising review: "This is a must-have item. This goes on super smooth, nice, and evenly. You just take the roller that’s included and then roll it where are you want highlighted. It stays put with no flaking. I recommend this product and all products by this brand. Their eyeshadows are fabulous, too." —mom2jav

    Get it from Amazon for $14.84.

    16. Grande Cosmetics lash Enhancing Serum promotes thicker and longer eyelashes — your mascara is about to last a lot longer because you'll only need one swipe per use after this product. It's made from a blend of vitamin peptides and amino acids and it has over 13,000+ positive reviews!

    Reviewer's lashes before and after using product

    "I use this religiously and notice a huuuge difference. I have allergies and tend to rub my eyes, which isn't great for my lashes, but this serum seriously helps with fallout and helps my lashes look much longer — when I use this they grow long enough to brush my brow bone, which would never happen otherwise. At the end of last year, I tried a different lash product (after running out of Grande lash for a while because ::shrugs:: pandemic) and it did *nothing* after *weeks*of trying. Now I'm back on the Grande lash for five to six weeks now and my lashes are already significantly longer. It just works, my friends." —Maitland Quitmeyer

    Get it from Amazon for $65+.

    17. Neutrogena Hydro Boost blasts moisture back into your skin thanks to hyaluronic acid, which helps banish dryness and lock in hydration so your makeup won't pill.

    BuzzFeed / Kayla Sauzo

    This noncomedogenic beauty staple is also oil-free, dye-free, and fragrance-free!

    Promising review: "This is the most amazing moisturizer I have ever used. I have an oily T-Zone, and have always had a hard time with moisturizers feeling greasy on my skin. This one is so light but so effective. A tiny little bit covers your entire face, and it feels like you have nothing on your face at all. You're left with your skin feeling soft and smooth. When I tell people that I'm going to turn 53, they never believe me. They say I look 35. Thank God for this product!" —Charlotte Wooden-Hillis

    Get it from Amazon for $16.60.

    18. Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick helps anyone who is tired of re-applying their lipstick after every sip or kiss. It glides on evenly and settles at a matte finish that won't dry your lips out! TL;DR: It won't smudge or budge and comes in 45 beautiful shades.

    Promising Review: "I love this lipstick. I fell asleep with it on and it stayed on all night. It has amazing pigment and dries within about five minutes. As a busy mom I probably won't try another lipstick!" —Amanda Williamson

    Get it from Amazon for $7.93.

    19. Lovoir Winged Eyeliner Stamp creates the perfect winged eyeliner every 👏 single👏 time👏. AND it will last! Whether you're sweating, swimming, or crying, you can confidently wipe your eyes without fear of messing up your purr-fect cat-eye.

    Maitland Quitmeyer / BuzzFeed

    Promising Review: "I just want to make my morning routine as easy as possible. i love winged liner but i don’t have the steady hand for it without mistakes. This makes the perfect and consistent wing every time. Love it! I ordered the 10mm and now i’ll have to try the 12mm!" —Julie B

    Get it from Amazon for $11.87.

    20. Elizabeth Mott Thank Me Later Eyeshadow Primer turns your eyelid into the perfect canvas — no more creasing or muddy eyeshadow that looks a mess because of oily lids. This non-greasy, pearl powder packed formula will make sure you're smoky eye stays put all day long.

    Promising Review: "So I use this primer for my eyeliner AND eyebrows. It is a life changer! I work with jobs, and majority of the day I'm waitressing outside on the patio in the humidity, I needed something to keep my eyeliner intact so I didn't look like a raccoon by the end of my shift. It literally kept my makeup looking like I just put it on all day no matter how bad I sweat in the heat! I used it only on my eyes first just to try and I was amazed. So the next day I tried it as a primer for my eyebrows too before I filled them in and it does the same for my eyebrows! I'm in love with this product." —Molly

    Get it from Amazon for $13.48.

    21. Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water removes waterproof makeup that won't budge, getting rid of dirt and excess oil to leave you with clean skin sans residue.,

    Promising review: "I switched from using make-up pads and make-up remover for environmental purposes, and switched over to re-useable make-up cloths and micellar water. This has been my favorite, as it removes make-up and cleanses skin. I have very sensitive skin, so I just use this on my face at night and follow up with a light moisturizer. This combination has done wonders for my skin, and I keep on coming back to this one by Garnier because I've had no negative side-effects." —Claire

    Get it from Amazon for $6.78.

    22. An electric makeup brush cleaner because if you don't clean your tools, old makeup can get caught in the bristles causing your next foundation application to look streaky and clumpy. This gadget makes the process quick, easy, and fun.,

    Promising review: "I am thoroughly impressed! This was very affordable and not to be gross but I had brushes for YEARS that I didn’t clean because I was afraid they would get ruined or fall apart. This thing took years of makeup off with ease. It says to use dish soap and some coconut oil to wash the brushes yet keep them from drying out. I found dish soap to be irritating to my skin but a tiny bit of baby shampoo and oil (like Burt’s bees baby) and my brushes we like new. Also I was able to clean ALL types of brushes: Big, small, flat, pointed. Just very impressed with this product and highly recommend it. My best friend recommended this brand and I am so glad she did." —Sammi A

    Get it from Amazon for $15.99.

    23. Supercheek Cream Blush adds a natural-looking flush that your regular powder blush just can't achieve. This creamy and lightweight blend of oils, silica, and wax leave a super blendable pop of color — so if you're looking for a natural finish that melts into skin, this cream blush is for you.

    Small bottles of different colored blush on white background
    Beauty Pie

    Promising review: "These are super easy to blend with your fingers, just tap a little on and go. You only need a dab on each cheek so a pot should last ages." —Jessica

    Get it from Beauty Pie for $30 ($9.43 for members, available in two shades)

    24. E.l.f. Poreless Putty Primer is made with squalane and blurs your pores to help your complexion feel soft as silk. It's perfect for oily complexions because it provides a matte finish that doesn't look dry, plus it's tiny enough to toss in your bag in case you need a midday touchup.,

    Promising review: "This is smooth, blends well with foundation and feels good on the skin. Sets well with powder. I sometimes wear it alone for a little smoother look, since it's colorless it doesn't look like foundation. The price is great and I've yet to see it in a store. I like that I can control how much to apply and a little goes a long way. It appears to wash off well. Will be buying it again." —Y. C.

    Get it from Amazon for $8.50.

    25. Glossier Lash Slick delivers on its promise of making you look like you're wearing falsies. The water-resistant formula thickens your lashes so that they look long and natural, and it won't wear off until your day is done.

    BuzzFeed / AnaMaria

    Promising review: "If you’ve ever wanted lash extensions but didn’t want the hassle associated with them, you will fall unconditionally and irrevocably in love with the Glossier Lash Slick. (That’s a Twilight reference, don’t h8.) I admit that I didn’t think I would like it — I’m not an eyeliner gal (I lack the patience required) and rely heavily on blush and mascara to make me look half awake, so I usually prefer formulas that add a crap ton of drama. But this! This is so surprisingly good! It doesn’t flake, doesn’t clump, lengthens a ton, and looks *extremely* natural. It’s also incredibly easy to remove! My regular face wash is able to take off every last speck, no intense rubbing required. It’s also very buildable, so I can add on multiple swipes to give my look some extra oomph if I wanted to… and it still doesn’t look clumpy or smudge. I’ve stopped wearing mascara every day due to ::looks around:: these times, but this is my holy grail eye product and will eventually become my ~wear this every single day~ mascara once I get back to the office." —AnaMaria Glavan

    Get it from Glossier for $16.

    26. Physician Formula's Nude Eyeshadow Kit provides an all day look, whether you're heading to the office or having a night out with friends. The waterproof set comes with two eyeliners, two mascaras, and nine stunning eyeshadows — and detailed instructions on the back of the box will guide you toward the perfect smokey look.

    Promising review: "For anyone who wants to go for the nude look and doesn't like to wear a lot of colors, this set is for you! The colors are pigmented as you would expect, using the eye shadow with a wet brush makes them even deeper. The mascara is amazing, creating long effortless, clumpless lashes and the eye liner stays in place all day. Having my choice of dark and light eye liner is a plus for me. I can have the made up look without the harsh lines. I would recommend this product to my friends and family." —JHossman

    Get it from Amazon for $15.89.

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