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    The 30 Stages Of Having A Traumatic Hair Experience

    Let's pour one out for hair.

    1. So, you think it's time to make a change to your hair.

    Your current style just isn't cutting it anymore.

    2. You have a perfect vision of how you want your hair to look.

    3. You go to the hairdresser, full of hope and excitement!

    Imagine Television /

    4. Which suddenly falls away with each snip.

    20th Century Fox /

    Did the hairstylist even LOOK at the photo you showed them??

    5. You see that your hair is dropping everywhere around you.

    6. This is the point where your dream makeover turns into disaster.

    Buena Vista Pictures /

    **miracles DON'T happen**

    7. You realize you've made a HUGE mistake.

    8. Before the shock settles in, you wonder who the fuck told you bangs was a good idea.

    20th Century Fox /

    9. Actually, you wonder what possessed you to make the worst decision of your life.

    FOX /

    You really don't know.

    10. And you definitely think "OF COURSE this would happen to me."

    ABC /

    11. But you grin and bear it, although your soul is basically dead.

    Paramount Pictures /

    12. You're normally a nice person, but you can't help but throw the stylist some fierce shade when you go to pay.

    Because this is what you really want to say:

    13. You go home and cry about your new "hairstyle" for a couple of days.

    14. And cry.

    15. And cry some more.

    16. Everywhere you go, everyone seems to be rubbing their long, beautiful hair in your face.

    Which makes you cry harder.

    17. When you're not crying, you're fuming to no end.

    18. And when you're not fuming or crying, you're just freaking out.

    YouTube /

    19. You'll doubt your friend's and family's support.

    The CW /

    Because you KNOW they're laughing about it on the inside.

    20. So you salvage what hair you have left.


    21. And you'll probably turn to this:

    Amazon /

    Which might not help the whole "I-have-orange-hair" situation, but desperate times, etc.

    Or this:


    Even though the smell literally makes you barf every time you use it.

    22. Or you just perfect the art of wearing a wig.

    Bravo /

    23. But eventually you resort to cutting off your hair.

    Disney /

    Is it really that easy?

    24. And you basically feel free.


    And SEXY.

    25. Until you seethe at THAT ONE question:

    In which you respond:

    VH1 /

    No, I'm trying to look like MYSELF, OK?

    26. It takes you a while to trust a new hair stylist.

    27. You might consider keeping your hair short.

    28. Searching Pinterest for healthy hair alternatives becomes a daily routine.

    Like the ones here, here, and here.

    29. And don't worry, you'll accept that fact that your bangs will grow to be less awkward.

    Buena Vista Pictures / Via


    30. But in the end, you find yourself saying this:

    Nickelodeon /

    Because you know, hair is hair.

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