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If You're A Fan Of Anything Creepy Or Mysterious, You Need To Visit These 9 Places ASAP

These U.S. destinations are certifiably strange and unusual.

Welcome to the ultimate list of top-10 places to visit in 2021 that are perfect for lovers of all things horror, mystery, and paranormal! From strange and unusual destinations to the locations of iconic horror films, you'll feel practically haunted by travel plans!

1. The Haserot Angel – Cleveland, OH

the angel with black tears falling down her sculpted face
Matt Lima / Getty Images/EyeEm

The Haserot Angel (it's official name being "The Angel Of Death Victorious") pierces the soul when you see black tears mysteriously pouring down its cheeks. While incredibly creepy, the tears actually have a scientific explanation – they were formed over time by the effect of bronze aging. However, according to lore, there's more to the Angel than meets the eye. Upon hugging the statue, many visitors have reported feeling stuck in the grasps of an unknown force and being brought to tears in its presence. And the Haserot Angel isn't the only marker in this sinister cemetery that'll leave you chilled to the bone. It's an eerie destination but one you're going to want to visit if paranormal activity is your thing. 

2. Kreischer Mansion – Staten Island, NY

3. Ohio State Reformatory – Mansfield, OH

the reformatory looming high and haunting
Douglas Sacha / Getty Images

Did you love the movie, The Shawshank Redemption (1994)? Well, here's your chance to visit it in real life and possibly witness some paranormal activity in person. The prison's east cell block is the largest remaining free-standing steel cell block IN THE WORLD at six-tiers high! Hotspots for paranormal activity include two chapels, the infirmary, the solitary confinement section, and the warden’s office. Over 200 people died at the prison while it was still in use including a handful of guards killed during escape attempts.

4. The Montana Vortex & the House Of Mystery – Columbia Falls, MT

5. Texas Chainsaw Massacre Gas Station – Bastrop, TX

two men pumping gas into a van in front of the iconic gas station
Vortex / Via

If your love for old horror movies with cannibal chainsaw-wielding mass murders leaves you hankering for some BBQ, look no further! Complete with four rustic on-site cabins, this Texas gas station is right up any horror movie buff's alley. And if you're a little worried about eating somewhere cannibals ran rampant, don't fret. The sign out-front will put you at ease with the words, "We Slaughter BBQ."

6. The Evil Dead Cabin – Morristown, TN

7. Cave Of Kelpius – Philadelphia, PA

8. The Witch House – Salem, MA

Boston Globe / Boston Globe via Getty Images

Boasted as one of the only surviving structures with direct ties to the Salem witch trials of 1692, the Witch House has a tragic history. Judge Corwin bought the house in 1675 at the age of 23 and lived there as he oversaw more than 200 convictions of "witches" from February 1692 to May 1693. Of the 200+ convictions, 59 were tried; 31 were found guilty; and 20 were executed and tortured to death. Today, it serves as a museum but will always be home to one of the men who sent people to their death for being "witches.” It's supposed to be an incredibly haunted area, and honestly, I can see why. 

9. And finally, the Clown Motel – Tonopah, NV

a clown-themed hotel that has clown stuff literally everywhere
Josh Brasted / Getty Images

Ok... Hear me out. I know that not everyone feels a strong fear or dislike of clowns and that this creepy little motel located in the Nevada desert might not seem like a horror fan's play ground. However, just beyond the entrance of this creepy dead-eyed clown doll motel, you'll find a troubling number of rock and stone markers in its adjoining abandoned cemetery. The graveyard is the site where forgotten miners who tragically lost their lives centuries ago were laid to rest but left abandoned in the middle of the desert. So realistically, this is what you'll find at this "charming" motel: 1,000s of glass eye clowns and dolls and a full onsite abandoned graveyard full of lost souls doomed to spend eternity haunting the desert. What better vacation destination, right?