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If You're A Fan Of Anything Creepy Or Mysterious, You Need To Visit These 9 Places ASAP

These U.S. destinations are certifiably strange and unusual.

Welcome to the ultimate list of top-10 places to visit in 2021 that are perfect for lovers of all things horror, mystery, and paranormal! From strange and unusual destinations to the locations of iconic horror films, you'll feel practically haunted by travel plans!

1. The Haserot Angel – Cleveland, OH

the angel with black tears falling down her sculpted face

2. Kreischer Mansion – Staten Island, NY

3. Ohio State Reformatory – Mansfield, OH

the reformatory looming high and haunting

4. The Montana Vortex & the House Of Mystery – Columbia Falls, MT

5. Texas Chainsaw Massacre Gas Station – Bastrop, TX

two men pumping gas into a van in front of the iconic gas station

6. The Evil Dead Cabin – Morristown, TN

7. Cave Of Kelpius – Philadelphia, PA

8. The Witch House – Salem, MA

9. And finally, the Clown Motel – Tonopah, NV

a clown-themed hotel that has clown stuff literally everywhere