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34 Toys Your Preschooler Will Actually Play With

When it comes to the 3–5-year-old little legends in your life, we've got you covered.

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

1. A Learning Resources Gears! Gears! Gears! 150-Piece Building Set if you're looking for building toys that aren’t Legos (but will keep them busy for hours!),

Promising review: "I bought this for my son when he was 3. Two years later, I’ve come back to write my unbiased review so you have one to trust. At the time, I bought these on a whim and had no idea what I would unlock. For more than two full years now, these gears have been played with DAILY. Every. Single. Day. They have held up to crashed airplanes, tidal waves hitting sea creatures, and have been catapulted into castles. Very rarely have they been played with as shown on the product pictures, as my son uses them to build different things every day. Dusty Crophopper (plane), Lightning McQueen (race car), and so much more. Our only regret is sometimes we don’t have enough pieces to build an entire fleet. These creations have an entire shelf for display in his bedroom to feature what he builds each day. This toy is durable, open ended, grows with the child, fits a variety of abilities and ages, and is only limited by imagination. I could not recommend this toy more!" —Traveler

Get it from Amazon for $46.55.

Free two-day shipping for Prime Members; shipping times subject to change.

2. A marble run set to provide endless possibilities to build creative structures — all while developing their problem-solving skills. They'll be ~ah-mazed~ at the results when the marbles roll through the mazes they create.

Promising review: "My 5- and 3-year-olds (and me) have spent hours building towers and watching marbles clatter down these chutes, steps, gears and spirals, HOURS! And they’re not bored yet! It’s also educational learning the physics of slopes by experience. Plus, it comes with enough marbles that losing a few doesn’t matter." —Joyce Parker

Promising review: "This is a really neat toy that has provided literally hours and hours of enjoyment for my 4-year-old nephew (and me!). The pieces fit well together, it is very sturdy and stands up well even on carpet. There are an infinite number of ways to build these runs, and this toy never gets boring. Highly recommended." —Becca

Get it from Amazon for $46.99.

Free two-day shipping for Prime Members; shipping times subject to change.

3. A rechargeable kids karaoke microphone that'll connect to their phone via Bluetooth so pint-sized rock stars can sing along with their fave songs from apps like Spotify or YouTube. The best part? There are 30 preloaded Motown hits.

Reviewer's image of hand holding toy microphone

Promising review: "My 5-year-old absolutely loves this. It is her favorite gift that she received for Christmas. Easy to use, music sound quality is great, microphone quality is great. I ordered the rose gold one and it looks better in person. Volume control is easy to use. There's slide controls for music volume, mic volume, and voice echo. Easy button controls to skip through songs. Great buy for kids." —ARIES

Get it from Amazon for $29.99+ (available in six colors). 

Free two-day shipping for Prime Members; shipping times subject to change.

4. Or a sensory swing designed with an extra spring, allowing bouncing up and down in addition to swinging — ideal for endless aerial acrobatic fun. Do they make an adult version?

Rest Nests

Rest Nets is a small biz based in Israel started by a mom who created these hammocks as a way to give parents "an extra pair of hands" for entertaining kids.

Promising review: "My 4.5-year daughter loves this swing! We have it installed in a French doorframe and has been very secure. She loves to swing while we are cooking or hanging out. I anticipate it will get so much love over the years. We love having it indoors during the winter since playgrounds aren't as practical. It was one of her favorite Christmas presents." —Chris Wiegand

Get it from Rest Nests on Etsy for $88 (available in 10 colors).

Ships five to seven days after ordering.

5. A sight word Bingo game; if you've ever asked yourself, "How do I take the frustration out of learning sight words and make it FUN?" then this game is for you.

Word board with chips, cards, and packaging

The set comes with 36 playing cards, 264 playing chips, caller's mat and cards, and a storage box. This version is a fun twist on the classic, but instead of calling out numbers, the leader calls out words (there are 46 most-used words), players search their cards for a match and place a red chip on the match. Once a player has covered the spaces on their card needed to win, they call BINGO! 

Promising review: "Great beginning reading tool and fun for preschoolers. My 4- year-old granddaughter and I go to the library every weekend. She loves to 'check out' the games in the children's section. This was one that she wanted to play over and over and over. After the third go-round, I noticed that she was beginning to recognize some of the words on her own. That sold me! The minute I got home I purchased the game so she could play it at home. Every time I go over to her house, we play at least one round of this game, and I can tell her reading skills are increasing. And when we go to the library, she STILL wants to check this game out and play it there! The words on these Bingo cards are words that can't be illustrated well — words like 'them,' 'her,' 'go,' 'if' — small, mostly conjunctive words, but essential to reading. This game makes it easy and fun to learn those words. I simply can't praise this game enough." —Molly Harrington

Get it from Amazon for $9.99.

Free two-day shipping for Prime Members; shipping times subject to change.

6. A pack of parachute toys ingeniously designed not to tangle despite being tossed excitedly from the top of the stairs or a balcony over and over.


Promising review: "Whoever thought of this design is genius. My 5-year-old loves these and it's his favorite gift among all the other (much more expensive) ones we got for him. The no tangle design is genius. I can't count how many of the standard string-type ones we have gotten tangled before finding these." — hiker0811

Get a pack of four from Amazon for $11.99.

Free two-day shipping for Prime Members; shipping times subject to change.

7. Air Hogs Super Soft Jump Fury, a beyond-cool remote car that jumps up to 22 inches high but lands super soft — meaning it'll keep kids enthralled with its epic jumping action without damaging walls or furniture.

the jumping vehicle thats umping up stairs

Promising review: "Nice little remote car. The bang of lift can scare you if not ready. But boys love it. Fast and spins like crazy. And the jumping is neat." —Chadd Howe

Get it from Amazon for $34.99

Current shipping time is six days for Prime Members; shipping times subject to change.

8. A wooden puzzle equivalent to playing Tetris but in tactile form that'll ~exercise their brain~ without any screentime.


Reviewer's say this is a great toy for all ages — from 3 to 12.

Promising review: "Of all the things I got my 3-year-old son for Christmas, this little puzzle has been played with the most. He loves it. It can be put together multiple ways, but you can get it wrong so you need to think to shift things around to get them to fit. Bright-colored pieces are easy to find when they are scattered around the living room." —MamaBear

Get it from Amazon for $11.99.

Free two-day shipping for Prime Members; shipping times subject to change.

9. A rainbow puzzle ball where the end *goal* is to match all eleven balls to their corresponding color rings by pressing and sliding the balls through the open slots. Basically, a heck of a workout for your kids' brains and hands., Amazon

Promising review: "I was doubtful that my 5-year-old would like this, but took a chance. It took him a little bit to figure out how to push the balls around, but once he got the hang of it he didn't put it down for days. It challenged his thinking and also was cause/effect solving too. It was perfect for our car trip. Great purchase!" —Timothy Mitchell

Get it from Amazon for $10.98.

Current shipping time is 17–18 days for Prime Members; shipping times subject to change.

10. A Magna-Tiles set because studies have shown it'll hold any kid's attention wayyyy longer than most toys. JK, but seriously, this cool building set deserves a gold medal for being the most played with toy in our house.


If I could only bring one toy to a deserted island, this would be it. My kids have played with these DAILY for three years and are yet to lose interest — literally not a day goes by that I don't find them in our living room intently building epic 3D creations. Is it an investment? Yes. But any toy with such staying power can take all my money. TY.

Recommended for ages 3+

Promising review: "Seriously the best gift we have ever gotten our son. He has these at his preschool and, since Christmas, at home too and he never tires of them. In fact he plays with these almost every day and his creativity astounds me. He learns so much about how to put things together and his imagination runs wild. He would play with these for hours if he could!!" —Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $49.99 for a 32-piece set or $119.99 for a 100-piece set.

Free two-day shipping for Prime Members; shipping times subject to change.

11. A scratch paper art set that'll make you nostalgic for your childhood when nothing was more satisfying than drawing on the surface to reveal the rainbow colors underneath.


Promising review: "Nice activity for preschooler. I bought this to have an extra activity up my sleeve during closure of my daughter's preschool. These are great. The colors are bright. I'd recommend them." —Andrea

Get it from Amazon for $14.99.

Free two-day shipping for Prime Members; shipping times subject to change.

12. A sturdy fort-building kit to *seriously upgrade* the forts the kiddos are currently fashioning out of living room throws, pillows, and furniture. It will allow future architects to use their imagination to construct forts, castles, tunnels, and even igloos — creativity is their ~forte~.


Promising review: "My 4-year-old loves them! I'm running out of room in her play area! I ordered two of the 82-piece sets because she's constantly trying to rearrange our basement furniture so she could build forts. Took her a bit to figure out how to get the perfect angles out of the connecting balls but she is now a pro. Our basement currently has a large space ship and an igloo shaped fort that she wants to sleep in. We still have pieces left and she insists that I buy more to build bigger. 🤣" —Michael B Wright

Get it from Amazon for $44.99.

Free two-day shipping for Prime Members; shipping times subject to change.

13. A child-safe wooden knife so your sous chefs can enjoy helping in the kitchen without needing to worry about hurt fingers.

Two child models cutting apple slices with the maple wood chopper with handle
JUstenbois / Etsy

Justenbois is a Canadian small biz specializing in eco-friendly and zero-waste tableware made from maple wood for babies, children, and adults.

Promising review: "Really well made, quick shipping and great price. My 3-year old-son loves it and now helps with dinner every night!" —Melanie

Get it from Justenbois on Etsy for $16.56.

Ships five to seven days after ordering.

14. A pack of Lucky Fortune collectible bracelets for the child who loves surprise toys. These come with four individually wrapped fortune cookies. Crack 'em open to reveal an adjustable surprise bracelet with a charm and a paper fortune.


Each package contains a fortune cookie–shaped bracelet holder with a surprise Lucky Fortune charm bracelet and matching paper fortune. This pack includes four cookies and four bracelets.

Promising review: "100% worth the buy! My daughter loved these! The presentation from the beginning to end makes the perfect gift! My daughter got the Ultra Rare on opening her first one! She was so excited she couldn’t even take it! The price is right, the cookie part you can close back up and reuse. I thought you had to throw that part away and I’m happy I was wrong about that. If you're not sure on buying these just do it! My daughter was SO happy and thanked me all day long! Thank you!" —Kindle Customer

Get a pack of four from Amazon for $9.99.

Current shipping time is three days for Prime Members; shipping times subject to change.

15. A battery-free race track to put their fine motor skills to the test while they figure out how to get the car through the obstacles by using levers and buttons. The coolest part? There's a magnetic helicopter waiting to pick up the vehicles.


The track includes a toy police car, ambulance, and fire engine.

Promising review: "This toy completely captured the attention of my 4-year-old grand-nephew, right from the get-go. He probably played with it nonstop for the first three hours, and again later in the day. Thankfully, the pieces fit well, the cars run smoothly on the track, and all the motion buttons work well — so far. Considering how nonstop he plays with it, I'm hoping it will last for a long time. I love that he is so intensely focused and engaged with it for hours; he tries his out-of-the-box schemes to make the track work differently than it was designed to do; and he's using his fine motor skills to test the different adaptations he wants to make. It's a wonderful toy and incredibly engaging. I only hope it can endure such long playing time!" —Bernie C.

Get it from Amazon for $46.99.

Free two-day shipping for Prime Members; shipping times subject to change.

16. A Melissa & Doug activity book with a pair of safe scissors to channel their (ahem, destructive) energy into a creative activity.


Promising review: "Scissors skills are important both in and of themselves and because it strengthens the hand muscles to be used for learning to write. My 4-year-old LOVES this book. We received it this week and she has used it for a couple of hours each day. Many of the pages are cutting things out and putting them together (four-scoop ice cream cone, pizza with pepperonis, the components to build a house or a car, puzzles). We've used tape or glue to put the components together. This book is interesting enough to have caught the attention of my older children as well, although I make them let her do the cutting. :D Would make a great gift as it is so unique." —Mom of 7

Get it from Amazon for $6.49.

Ships one to two days after ordering.

17. And a classic Melissa & Doug ice cream station to *serve* up many delicious opportunities for pretend play for your little one, who will never tire of asking "what kind of ice cream do you want?" in an adorably serious voice.


The wooden ice cream counter comes with eight ice cream scoops, six toppings, two cones, cup, scooper, tongs, wooden spoon, reusable menu card, and six pretend dollar bills.

Promising review: "My newly turned 3-year-old daughter instantly fell in love with this set! She loves seeing how high she can stack the ice cream cones and pretending to serve Mom & Dad her creations. She's been obsessed with climbing things around the house and we *desperately* needed a distraction to get her to stop, and this is working so far — she plays with this thing for HOURS!" —West Family

Get it from Amazon for $32.71.

Current shipping time is 11–18 days for Prime Members; shipping times subject to change.

18. A Wiwiurka triangular rope ladder you can hang from the ceiling or a tree branch to provide endless opportunities to swing, do acrobatics, or yell: "I'm taking off in the spaceship!"

Split image of children playing in triangle rope ladder outdoors and indoors

Note: mounting hardware not included. The climber is capable of holding up to 175 pounds.

Wiwiurka is a Mexican woman–owned business based in Tepoztlan, Mexico, that creates handcrafted and sustainable wooden toys using water-based paints and nontoxic materials to enhance imaginative play.

Promising review: "My kids LOVE their tree climber. It was easy to put together and it's like a magnet for my 3-year-old who gets bored easily and wanders." —Brynn

Get it from Wiwiurka for $180 (available in two sizes and two colors). 

Current processing time is four to six weeks, plus shipping time.

19. A Stomp Rocket launcher, because they'll have such a *blast* as they jump on the launchpad, countdown to liftoff, and watch the rockets shoot up to 200 feet high into the air.


Promising review: "My 4-year-old goes nuts over this. He’s so loud with excitement, it draws out the neighborhood kids and next thing I know the neighbors are over chatting outside with me while their kids are COMPLETELY occupied playing this thing. The assembly is EXTREMELY easy. The rockets launch well above my two-story home that I have to make sure it’s not too close so one doesn’t land on the roof. It’s actually fun for the adults as well. My son loves to watch me really launch one. This is a great outside activity for any boy or girl. You don’t have to chase the kids around and they get plenty of exercise running to get the rockets after they’ve landed. Fun for everyone. Well worth the 20 bucks I spent on it." —Geno

Get it from Amazon for $17.99.

Free two-day shipping for Prime Members; shipping times subject to change.

20. A construction-themed folding play set that contains kinetic sand, a dump truck toy, and a working crane with wrecking ball and bucket attachments so they can dig, build, and crush to their heart's content without making a colossal mess indoors.


Promising review: "I bought this for my 3.5-year-old for Christmas and it’s been one of his favorite things to play with! He loves the construction truck and block molds, and the box that opens into a little play area. We have a rule of only allowing him to play with it in the little box provided and on the table, so keeping it clean and together hasn’t been a problem." —Michelle

Get it from Amazon for $27.99.

Free two-day shipping for Prime Members; shipping times subject to change.

21. A Hot Wheels garage capable of parking more than 100 cars and has a racetrack — BUT watch out for the hungry T. rex looking to devour the cars. Heck yes, adding to cart now.


Promising review: "My almost 5-year-old lost his mind over this toy. He’s been playing with it non stop since Christmas and I have had a much needed break! There is lots to do within the track, race two cars, park many cars, gas them up, run them thru the little car wash area, mechanic, paint area, elevator, and more. I enjoy watching him and appreciate all the extra cars it holds. Awesome toy and worth the money. Definitely recommend! Thumbs-up from this tired mama." —Cathy

Get it from Amazon for $99.

Current shipping time is 15 days for Prime Members; shipping times subject to change.

22. A set of Crayola Scribble Scrubbie pets that can be reused over and over again (unlike one-and-done sets). This will keep budding artists busy coloring the cute pets, scrubbing them, and coloring all over again.


The Peculiar Pets set includes: one dragon, one narwhal, one yeti, one unicorn toy, one sparkly scrub tub, one scrub brush, nine washable markers, one standing play mat, and an instruction sheet.

Promising review: "I got this as a gift for my 3-year-old niece for her birthday. She loved it and played with it more than the rest of her gifts that day! Score for auntie! She's pretty active and enjoys crafts and projects so this was a hit. I'd probably buy more to add to her collection to add some variety on things for her to color and wash. I also liked that this kit came with nine markers. I do think it was a little expensive but since my niece liked it I guess it made it worth the purchase." —AvidReader1

Promising review: "Our 5-year-old old crafty kiddo ADORES this. Works exactly as advertised and the markers seem to have a good bit of ink in them. Only downside will be when the ink does run out. I don’t see anywhere to purchase the markers separately, and it could be regular Crayola markers would wash — just not as well...TBD... Overall 10/10 would recommend." —B. McLaughlin

Get it from Amazon for $26.99 (available in five styles).

Free two-day shipping for Prime Members; shipping times subject to change.

23. An LCD writing tablet to encourage future Einsteins to practice their numbers and letters. They might even consider trading their iPad for this cool gadget.


Promising review: "Great for preschoolers. Got this product for my 4-year-old and it was a big hit with her. She carries it everywhere and loves doodling on it all the time. She laughs while hitting the erase button as it turns the screen blank again. It is light weight and easy to write or carry, only negative is that the screen is too sensitive to touch as it even catches just any impression including nails. Other than that great product and loads of fun." —Sekhar

Promising review: "This has been the best product and my son loves it. He is in preschool and with all the schools being shut down because of the pandemic getting him to sit down and practice writing his name and alphabet has been a challenge. Since this came he will not put it down he thinks it’s the coolest thing." —Justin

Get it from Amazon for $20.99.

Free two-day shipping for Prime Members; shipping times subject to change.

24. A pack of Crayola Globbles so your mini whirlwinds can run around the house hurling these sticky globs at the wall or ceiling. Don't panic, parents, reviewers say they don't leave a sticky residue.


Promising review: "I waited over two months to write my review! My 4-year-old daughter plays with these DAILY! YES they do attract dirt and hair. HOWEVER they are so easy to rinse off it's not a big deal! We took these to a family gathering and ended up giving two away because they were SO loved! The two we gave away went to a 12-year-old and my 19-year-old brother. They discovered throwing them at the ceiling fan and watching them shoot across the room, which was pretty entertaining! None of them have busted or ripped and they are definitely NOT gentle with them! I will definitely be buying more!" —Kindle Customer

Get a pack of six from Amazon for $17.90.

Current shipping time is 12–13 days for Prime Members; shipping times subject to change.

25. Banzai Bump N' Bounce Body Bumpers for impromptu battles in the yard or living room that'll elicit nonstop silliness and laughs.,

PSA: Make sure helmets are worn during bump-offs.

Promising review: "My grandsons, ages 3 and 5, had so much fun playing with these. They held up well and even though the boys bumped and bounced into each other and the ground several times, they didn’t feel a thing. It was also very funny to watch!" —Annie

Get it from Amazon for $17.99.

Current shipping time is eight days for Prime Members; shipping times subject to change.

26. A flower building activity set — a STEM-based toy (literally and figuratively) to make the imagination of horticultural enthusiasts blossom while creating bouquets and gardens.,

Promising review: "My 4-year-old is obsessed! Ordered these because my daughter’s preschool has them and she absolutely loves them! They were delivered on Halloween so this was nice little treat for her to play with while waiting for it to get dark. Such a creative, fun, and imaginative garden set!" —Raquel Dixon

Promising review: "Bought for my 3-year-old granddaughter. Was unsure if they would keep her occupied. Yes!! This is one of her favorite games and I enjoy playing with her. Develops creativity and lots of skills. Great gift for little girls. There are a few small parts but by 3 they should be OK and not put things in their mouths. Highly recommend." —CJ

Get it from Amazon for $19.98+ (available in two sizes).

Free two-day shipping for Prime Members; shipping times subject to change.

27. A personalized critter case to accompany you and your Curious George on backyard adventures so you can study fascinating critters up close — before returning them to their natural habitat.

The personalized wooden bug case
USA Woodshop Co. / Etsy

USA Woodshop Co. is a small biz based in Barstow, California, that specializes in handcrafted wooden items and children's furniture.

Promising review: "We gave this to our 3-year-old grandson for his birthday and he loves it. He carries it everywhere now. We had it personalized with his name and she also painted some bugs on it. Looks super cute. It also was shipped out same day. Would highly recommend this Etsy shop. Thanks so much!!!" —Lynda

Get it from USA Woodshop Co. on Etsy for $11.99.

Ships one to five days after ordering.

28. A globe that connects to your tablet or smartphone to take little explorers on virtual trips. Before you know it, they'll be spewing fun facts about this fascinating world we live in.

A model scanning the globe with an iPad which is displaying an elephant

Promising review: "I gifted this to my niece and I thought it was a bit hard to use at first — but we were using a super old tablet. She uses a little bit newer iPad at home and LOVES it! Her mom told me today the THREE-year-old just informed her where South America is! My niece shows it (virtually) to her preschool class frequently as her favorite toy! Super cool way to get young kids engaged in interactive learning. Also it is very durable, as tested by her 1-year-old brother who kicks it like a ball when he gets his hands on it haha. Great way to win Favorite Auntie! I can't speak to it's accuracy as I have not inspected it that closely and I personally suck at geography (I guess I needed this as a kid!). But in my opinion, 'close enough' works for young kids if it gets them interested and engaged." —sara

Get it from Amazon for $54.99.

Current shipping time is three days for Prime Members; shipping times subject to change.

29. A necklace activity set (under $15) so mini style mavens can mix and match colorful beads, necklaces and character charms to create their own chic bling. It'll make any child feel like true royalty.

Amazon, Chandni Reddy / Buzzfeed

Crafty toy + inexpensive + characters = win! My preschooler is not only obsessed with making these necklaces, it keeps her busy for a while (which is nothing short of a miracle, TBH). The strings for the necklaces are rubbery and durable, ensuring she can do it by herself and the beads don't fall off, unlike other cheap kits. And, it's so stinkin' adorable watching her proudly tote her creations around in the carry case and accessorize her outfits for preschool.

Promising review: "My 3-year-old twins loved it, entertained for hours which is rare and so worth the money. Perfect for teaching coordination, color patterns, encourages creativity. The necklaces are a soft, stretchy material with a safe breakaway clasp but that also stays on well. I wore a necklace for hours around the house & didn't fall off. The beads are cute and a good variety of colors. Overall great project, loads of fun for toddlers." —Lyss

Get it from Amazon for $12.99+ (available in 16 styles).

Free two-day shipping for Prime Members; shipping times subject to change.

30. A rainbow-colored saucer swing guaranteed to add a pop of color to any room and become the kiddo's fave ~hangout~ spot in the playroom or yard.,

Promising review: "Since setting up this swing my kids (5 & 3) have been on it every day. Great purchase! They love the colors and the fact that they can fit on it together. We were able to hook it to an existing swing set for the time being til our new set arrives. Assembly was pretty easy and quick. It did take two of us to push the rods together, but the directions were easy peasy and it came with a little wrench you could use to tighten the bolts. We’ll definitely be purchasing another one for our new set when it arrives so we have two!" —Augare

Get it from Amazon for $49.99.

Free two-day shipping for Prime Members; shipping times subject to change.

31. A talking microscope for a peek inside nature. It comes with slides that you place under the microscope, then the microscope tells you fact about critters, plants, and more!

A child looking into the microscope

The microscope talks in three languages in addition to English — you can choose between two options: Mandarin/Japanese/Korean or Spanish/French/German.

Promising review: "This is by far one of the coolest products I’ve ever seen! My 4-year-old loves this talking microscope! Every day while her baby sister naps I spend some quality one-on-one time with her and this was the perfect product for our special time together! She didn’t want to stop looking at all the different slides and I love how each slide has three images and the fact mode shares fun facts about the slide chosen! I love that she was learning new facts while looking at it up closely! She has been having so much fun using it and asks me daily to use her new microscope! This is such a great learning tool in a fun, different way for a 4-year-old and it is a big win in my book, especially because it can be used for many, many years! It also includes a quiz mode that we haven’t used yet but it’s nice that it has different modes for older kids. Highly recommend for all preschoolers and older kids!" —JC Mommy

Get it from Amazon for $33.13.

Free two-day shipping for Prime Members; shipping times subject to change.

32. A two-pack of super-cool foam gliders capable of doing loop the loops and flying at night thanks to LED lights. These will have the kiddos eagerly running back and forth as they launch and retrieve them.


Promising review: "I gave this to my 5-year-old grandson for his birthday and he has had hours of fun with them. Depending on where. You place the tail piece it will glide straight or will do a loop and then come in to a smooth landing! He loves them!" —Leasmill

Get a pack of two from Amazon for $12.18.

Free two-day shipping for Prime Members; shipping times subject to change.

33. A foam pogo jumper far safer that the good ol' pogo stick, with a sturdy foam base to stand on, so little hurricanes can burn off their energy hopping from room to room as grown-ups secretly wait their turn.


Promising review: "I was happily astonished upon receipt of this pogo stick. It kept my 4-year-old grandson busy for hours at a time during the bitter cold days of this holiday season. It is well made and adjustable as children grow in height. It encourages developing a fine sense of balance. The material is tough enough to withstand use outdoors, but gentle enough to be used on hardwood floors or rugs. It is a great birthday gift for any child 4 to 8 years old." —frankie

Get it from Amazon for $16.99 (available in 13 colors).

Free two-day shipping for Prime Members; shipping times subject to change.

34. The Nugget foam play couch, equal parts furniture and toy and universally loved by parents for entertaining the kids indoors. They won't stop building forts and obstacle courses...any time soon.

Two models playing on the blue nugget

Nugget Comfort is a small biz based in Butner, North Carolina, that specializes in play furniture made out of foam cushions.

Promising review: "My 3-year-old and my nearly 5-year-old have played with this thing constantly. Sometimes they are just lounging around on it but mostly it’s part of their adventure play. It’s been a boat, a castle, a camp, and so much more. They are gonna freak out when they get a second soon." —Tabatha C.

Get it from Nugget Comfort for $259.

Ships 10 weeks after ordering.

The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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