• Things That Are Better Friends To Workers Than Tony Abbott

    Tony Abbott, Australia’s Prime Minister whose immediate family are still the only four people in Australia who admit they voted for him, once said that he was the best friend to Australian workers. We found that a little odd in light of all the union busting, budget emergency, business lobby shit that’s been hitting the fan ever since and so we thought we’d put together this list of things that are better friends to the workers than Tony Abbott. *Spoiler* it’s pretty much everything ever.

  • Responsible Apprentice

    Responsible Apprentice knows how the Liberal Government want him to spend his tool allowance, and he’s totally on board with it.

  • 10 Ways To Get Hurt On A Lend Lease Building Site #LendLeaseSafetyAudit

    Lend Lease have responded to a safety audit of their building sites by calling the construction union responsible “Disgraceful” The audit came off the back of two fires, and two bungled evacuations 8 days apart at Barangaroo - A flagship, harbourside development in Sydney. Lend Lease have said safety was used as a “cynical industrial tool” You be the judge…

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